Friday, September 30, 2016

Nukkehammer - "Soviet Rust Belt" 7"

Nukkehammer hail from the wartorn, gore-strewn battlefields of post apocalyptic Columbus, Ohio. This 7" is seven songs of furious, blown out crust noise that makes me wish we had lost the cold war.

Charred Forest U.S.S.A.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Povertybomb - "Cove Strife"

Here is the first full length from Povertybomb. They hail from Kingsport and surrounding areas of Northeast Tennessee, and they play detuned, abrasive, heavy, and blackened d-beat. Features members of The Scams, D.R.M., The Business Machines, and more fuckin' bands than i can think of now. This cd is raw as fuck. You can visit their facebook and they also have a bandcamp page where you can order this directly from them on cd or cassette (the cassette killed my car speakers haha). Raging, ferocious crust that could only come from the mountains of Northeast Tennessee.

Thanks A Billion, Eastman

Nerve Endings - "Living Minimally"

I am making up for four years of lost time tonight. Here is the first full length from Bristol TN/VA's own Nerve Endings. Comparisons can be made to such bands as Black Flag, The Jesus Lizard, etc, but that would be missing the point. The point is is that these guys fucking rule. They put on great live shows, this cd kills, and they are terrific guys to boot. I love this cd, and i hope that you all enjoy it too. Check out their facebook page and grab a copy of this for yourself, and if they play around where you live, make sure you go see them. They MIGHT play some Black Flag covers if you're lucky, and even if they don't, you'll still be lucky that you got to see such a damn good band.

Nerve Endings - Living Minimally

Yog Sothoth - "Mythos Warfare"

Here is my band's first full length cd (which is available from us directly or through our facebook). It was recorded in the summer of 2015 and mixed throughout the cold northeast Tennessee winter of '15-'16. We're pretty proud of it. Those of you who listened to the early demos will find the production quality is better, but it is still violent black metal punk.

Yog Sothoth - "Mythos Warfare"

Back from the grave?

It's been four years since I've looked at this page. Mediafire deleted my account, all the good stuff that was once here, especially the Northeast TN Punk and Metal Archives, is no longer available to download. Sucks, but it's true. So what's been going on people?
Well, Yog Sothoth is still going. In the four years since last posting, Y.S. has expanded from just me in my spare bedroom playing everything and recording it horribly, to a full band who have played a bunch of shows around the regional area, and just a few months back released our first full length cd, entitled "Mythos Warfare" (cover pictured below). If you feel so inclined, you can visit our facebook page.

I had a lot of fun doing Scummified. I got to talk to some awesome people, I wrote what I wanted to write, shared music I love with people everywhere who might not have heard it before. Thanks everyone who ever visited, commented, or downloaded anything from here. I am on facebook also if you want to get up with me. I still have just about everything I posted on here on my computer, and i would gladly send mp3's to anyone through email, just send me a request and we'll talk!

Again, thanks everyone. I hope to hear from you all soon. Long Live The Scum!!