Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year End Mega Post

Hello all. December comes and I wanna be a bear, one that sleeps in the woods. It gets cold in this house in the winter months, so I don't get on as much as I would like to, so here is some stuff I've been meaning to post for a while, at least until I get some more stuff to put up here.

Haunted Woods After Dark - "Curses And Invocations" - Some ambient shit I recorded a few years back. Some of this found its way into the first Yog Sothoth demo. Nothing amazing, if you're into black metal/horror soundtrack/ambient noise check it out. Here

Kutthroat Krew - "Amsterdam Or Bust" - Years ago there was this rap group straight outta Church Hill, Tennessee, and this was their only recorded output. these guys smoked a lot of weed, and recorded this. Definitely not for most of my regulars, but it makes me think of crazy fucking times. Once again, this is not metal, it's not punk, it's like nothing else I've ever posted on here. Full Disclosure: one of the songs is called "Balls In Yo Mouth".
You've been warned. Here

Hopefully those should tide you all over until we ring in the new year. I hope everyone has a great one. Stay Scummy.

To all those we lost this year, R.I.P. (I'll especially miss Ronnie James Dio, Frank Frazetta, Leslie Nielsen, Captain Beefheart, Dennis Hopper, Irvin Kershner, Peter Steele and Dick Giordano, all geniuses in their respective arts who will be missed.)

EDIT (1/10/11) - redeived another dcma complaint, and so removed the 3 soundtracks that were here. hope you got them before now. i'm pretty sure it wasn't balls in yo mouth that was infringing on copyrights.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preacher - "Trapped In Hell"

Here's some obscure mid-80's thrash that rips, too bad it was the only thing that California's PREACHER ever released, as it shows promise of things to come that sadly never did. It is five tracks of fast, evil thrash metal that is all about sacrificing whores, pain, and various and sundry evil metal subject matter. The above image is not the actual cover of this e.p., just something I threw together for the hell of it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sodom - "Mortal Way Of Live"

Here is some live Sodom, recorded during the "Sodomania World Tour" in 1988.
It's practically the entire "Persecution Mania" lp (which is the best Sodom album), plus tracks from "In The Sign Of Evil", "Obsessed By Cruelty", and more, including a cover of Motorhead's "Iron Fist". It is seventy-two minutes of live, vicious thrash metal. This one is pretty big, its ripped at 320, so play it loud.

And what the fuck is up with the guy trying to lick the cat's asshole on the cover? Weird shit.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Irvin Kershner R.I.P.

Today the world lost Irvin Kershner, director of The Empire Strikes Back, Never Say Never Again, and a personal favorite, Robocop 2. This followed yesterday's news that actor Leslie Nielsen passed away. This year has sucked. You'll both be missed.

Peaceville Volume 4 (Compilation)

Here is an old Peaceville compilation I stumbled upon that runs the gamut from doom, death, black, and electronic noise and features some great bands when they were at their peaks and some pure crap (i'm not overly fond of the noise tracks, I confess). I wanted to post this earlier, but Mediafire has been giving me hell for the past few days and only recently has let me upload anything.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Call Of Cthulhu

Here is an adaptation of one of H.P. Lovecraft's best, the classic The Call Of Cthulhu. It is word for word the original text of the story, just in comic book form! This is from John Coulthart's graphic adaptation of Lovecraft stories entitled "The Haunter Of The Dark And Other Grotesque Visions", which is available here. This is the only adaptation I have seen from it, but the pictures on his website make it look really awesome, so I might have to get a copy of it. Just check out the picture of R'lyeh above, which looks alot better than this scanned .pdf file I share with you.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Obliveon - "Whimsical Uproar"

Here is an early demo by Canada's Obliveon, who seem to have went straight into obscurity before finally meeting their own oblivion. An obvious comparison upon first listen is to early Voivod, but there's something else lurking in these four songs. I always thought it sounded like Voivod and "Persecution Mania" era Sodom, but i'll leave that for you all to decide. I think this demo destroys. The musicianship is incredible, the riffs rule, it's fast and uncompromising, and one of the lyrics is "science should be used to help us screw" can you resist? And also, check out the neck snapping fastness at 1:10 in the first song. THAT is goddamn brutal. Unfortunately, this band didn't release too much else, their first LP is called "From This Day Forward" and it really sounds like they were trying to be more tech than thrash. It has some good songs, but this demo is really the best thing they did.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thin Lizzy - "Black Rose"

Today is my birthday, but I have a present for you. Here is Thin Lizzy's "Black Rose", surely one of the greatest rock albums ever made. The guitar work on this one is amazing, and let it be known that Phil Lynott is the greatest rock lyricist ever. Get this, chill out, and let Thin Lizzy take over.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unseen Terror - "Human Error"

When I was first discovering punk rock and metal, there wasn't too many places around where I live that had that sort of music. We had a Record Bar at the mall, we had Dad's CD's (now sadly gone), and about a half hour away we had Back Door Records. It was at this store that you could find some obscure metal gems. The first things I remember ever getting from there was a tape copy of Slayer's "Reign In Blood", a cd version of Terrorizer's "World Downfall" (and how much those fucking albums destroy is surely documented elsewhere all over the 'net), and this, a tape by an unknown british band by the name of Unseen Terror. Back then I knew that Shane Embury was bassist in the mighty Napalm Death, so when I saw this tape and saw him listed as drummer I had to check it out. I bought it, took it home, and played it so much, well, it broke. Thank Cthulhu for the information age, where everything is digital, so I can listen to this album again and again. It is 20 songs of politically charged grind, when grind wasn't fucking stupid gurgle vocals and the like. Besides featuring Shane Embury of N.D., it also features Mitch Dickenson of Heresy on guitar and vocals, so if members of Napalm Death and Heresy doing fast, punkish grind is your thing then you have hit the jackpot! Did I mention they also have songs about Garfield?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twin Peaks - O.S.T. by Angelo Badalamenti

"Who Killed Laura Palmer?"

That was the question on everybody's mind in 1990, when David Lynch and Mark Frost teamed up to bring us Twin Peaks, a show which only lasted two seasons but had enough ideas and talent for another three. For those who haven't seen it, it's about this small, sleepy little lumber town in the Pacific Northwest, populated by quirky, eccentric characters, and how this town is turned upside down by the death of a teenage girl named Laura Palmer. Who did indeed kill her? Well, I'm not going to give it away, just watch the show. One of the best shows ever on tv, and worth repeated viewings. It features great performances by Kyle MacLachlan, Ray Wise, Jack Nance (he of Eraserhead fame), and many others. I'll never forget watching this show with my mom when it was originally on, and the episode in season two where they reveal who Laura's killer is, and how it scared the piss out of me.

This score is by Angelo Badalamenti, and features three songs with lyrics by David Lynch and vocals by Julee Cruise. The music perfectly fits the show, but is good to listen to whenever, especially if theres pie and coffee, or a black lodge, in your future.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

They Live

John Carpenter's They Live is one of the best paranoid sci-fi/action movies ever. If you have never seen it, stop reading this and go watch it NOW! Don't worry, I'll still be here when you get back.

Back? Now, wasn't that awesome? For those who don't wanna get away from their computers, check out the scene below, surely the greatest fight scene ever filmed.

Now that you've done that, may I suggest getting this fine score by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


These are just a small sampling of some of the older comics I own. The last 5 are the ones that are most sacred to me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Voivod - "Killing Technology"

Why have I never extoled the virtues of Canada's Voivod before? It was an oversight which i will remedy now. This is their 3rd full length album from 1986, entitled "Killing Technology". It is what I like to think of as geek metal: excellent, headbanging riffs,blazing solos, bass and drums bashing along at punk tempos with very distinct timing changes, and lyrics about sci-fi themes. I like to think that I could sit in a basement in 1986, with a nice hesher haircut of some sort, finishing Neuromancer for the 4th time, then putting this record on and playing the old GURPS Cyberpunk rpg with some friends. Why don't you do that now?

Sigh - "Ghastly Funeral Theatre"

Here is "Ghastly Funeral Theatre", an e.p. released by Japan's SIGH in 1997. This band pushes the boundaries of metal, always sounding to me like a metal band doing a lot of acid, watching a lot of 70's horror and listening to avant garde jazz/funk fusion/prog rock records. This e.p. is more squarely on the metal side of things, and is completely awesome, no filler tracks, just awesome metal. If you have never heard Sigh before, this is the place to start.

Also, what do you all think of the new banner up there?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Curse Of The Magi - 2005 Demo

Here is a demo from unheard local band Curse Of The Magi, which existed briefly during 04-05 and features members who were in bands like Ikkabod and Cheapskate, which is about what this sounds like. If you haven't heard either of those bands, I have posted them elsewhere on this blog. A very odd amalgamation of pop punk and Maiden-esque metal, which definitely sounded different from anything else going on around here at the time. Half of this band joined up with me and formed Deeds Of Midwinter, which also was short-lived but played a bit and do have some recordings which I might post up here someday.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Phantasm - O.S.T by Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave

Here is the soundtrack to one of the most surreal, odd, and downright creepy little horror films you're likely to see, Don Coscarelli's "Phantasm". This was one of the movies that frightened the crap out of me when I first saw it, with its little hooded people and The Tall Man, chillingly portrayed by the excellent Angus Scrimm, walking through the halls of one of the creepiest mausoleums ever, and the damn spheres, going around, drilling for brains. It freaked me out when I was younger, and to this day my mom swears that it's the scariest movie she's ever seen. Don Coscarelli also directed "Beastmaster" and "Bubba-Hotep", and an excellent episode of "Masters Of Horror" called "Incident On And Off A Mountain Road", from a short story by Joe Lansdale, which also features Angus Scrimm (and drilling for brains!), which brings us back to the point, which is that this is the soundtrack to Phantasm, eerie, scary, and just for you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I wanted to take a break from music posts and stuff to give a shout out to one of my favorite blogs out there, the amazing Unflinching Eye. The maker of this fine blog, one Aylmer, is a follower of Scummified and even if he wasn't, I would still follow his blog. It is a horror blog, about horror films, made by a dedicated horror fan. It is consistently well written, very informative, and just flat out awesome. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It is well worth your time if you are a horror hound like I am.

I'll be back with some more posts soon, including some more horror soundtracks that i didn't get a chance to post before Halloween, more punk and more metal and hopefully some more unheard regional music also. Stay Tuned!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Misfits - "Walk Among Us"

What do you mean you haven't listened to The Misfits yet today? It's Halloween, hell, there's only about two hours left in it, and you haven't broken this out? Shame on you. If you don't have this, why are you even reading this when you should be downloading it?

It's not Halloween until this gets a spin, at least once.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dawn Of The Dead

Here is the incidental "stock" music to George Romero's 1979 magnum opus Dawn Of The Dead(I was also noticing while watching Dario Argento's "Tenebre" how much of Goblin's score to D.O.T.D. was featured in that film, but I digress...).

Dawn Of The Dead is simply the greatest zombie movie ever, the highest point in a trilogy of high points from Romero. Mere words can not give credit to the love I have for this movie. One day i might wax philosophical about it, but not today. Just enjoy this. One more day 'til Halloween......

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Of The Dead - O.S.T. by John Harrison

Here is the soundtrack to George Romero's 1985 masterpiece Day Of The Dead. Reviled by many when it was originally released, this movie has since gone on to be revered by many who appreciate its totally unsympathetic characters, its very nihilistic and downbeat pace (compared to the more upbeat and comedic Dawn Of The Dead), and its absolutely mind-and chunk-blowing "EFX" work by maestro Tom Savini. In the 80's, I guess saying just "effects" or "fx" couldn't do justice to Savini's work here, so they had to add the "E" before it to signify the extremity of the fx. Also, some of you may not know that the original script was much different than what was filmed, those interested in reading this should do so here. If you don't want to read what could've been and are content with what you have, may i also suggest having this, the score to this fine film? Very dark and dramatic, but with a slightly Caribbean flavor to it, which is odd, but really adds a layer of hope to the otherwise totally bleak and hopeless situation. I would also like to state for the record that I hold Night, Dawn, and Day as the three finest examples of zombie cinema ever, and yeah, I still think Romero's zombie movies are light years better than others being churned out now. In my opinion, he fucking started the genre, and the man can do no wrong.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darkthrone - "Transilvanian Hunger"

I'm not going to say much about this. If you're into black metal or metal at all, you've probably heard this, or parts of it, or at least heard of it, or know of its reputation. I consider it a perfect example of raw, cold, almost hypnotic black metal. Another favorite of The House Of Scummified.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goblin - Live 1979

If you've been following this blog for a while, you should know about my love for Italian prog legends Goblin. Simply put, I think they're one of the single most amazing bands ever. Here is a live recording that I know next to nothing about, other than that it was recorded in Italy in 1979, probably features the line-up on the "Suspiria" soundtrack, and contains songs from Profondo Rosso, Suspiria, Roller, and the under-appreciated Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozza Mark. The recording is good, and I think it's just awesome to hear Goblin at their peak, playing these songs live.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bad Taste O.S.T.

Today is my lady Lindsay's birthday, so in her honor I'm putting up the soundtrack to one of her favorite movies, Peter Jackson's masterpiece Bad Taste. If you have never seen this movie, please, treat yourself to 90 minutes of pure splattery entertainment. Big assed aliens, bowls full of alien vomit, enough splatter to satisfy any horror fan, and enough humor to keep you laughing while simultaneously saying "Eww, Gross!". Did I mention exploding sheep and a hero who has to keep his brains in his head with a belt? I don't want to give much away about this movie, other than it is a classic of the genre, whatever genre it is. I honestly feel that it is one of the rarest of movies, a horror/sci-fi/action/comedy that actually works. Up there with Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator, and Jackson's own Dead Alive as splatter comedies that transcend mere horror/action/comedy genres to become something awesome on its on. A landmark film, it remains Peter Jackson's best film to date, with Dead Alive being a very close 2nd. Highest recommendation, see it now. But first, download the soundtrack.

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 O.S.T.

Here is another helping of 'Saw soundtrack for you all today, with the soundtrack to Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. I personally love this movie. It's fun, fast paced, features great gore fx by Tom (The Master) Savini, and the acting in it is top notch. I mean, c'mon, you got Jim Siedow reprising his role as "The Cook" from the first film, and we get introduced to Leatherface's other brother, the great, maniacal Chop Top, played with gusto by Bill Moseley. And don't forget Dennis Hopper in one of his more gonzo performance as Texas Ranger Lefty Enright, who's been tracking the Sawyer family for the 14 years since the original film. Also, on the dvd copy of this i have, there are deleted scenes including a yuppie massacre, and a great scene involving Joe Bob Briggs telling two women about the magic of hollywood effects. All in all, a great movie, with a great, very 80's soundtrack. I searched high and low for this for years, thanks to the magic of torrents I can share it with you all now. Bands featured on this soundtrack include The Cramps, Lords Of The New Church, Oingo Boingo, Concrete Blonde, and more. Dog will hunt!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III O.S.T.

Here is the soundtrack to the universally maligned 2nd sequel to Tobe Hoopers 1974 classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre, "Leatherface - Texas Chainsaw Massacre III". This movie tanked at the box office when it came out, mostly due to the lackeys at New Line Cinema heavily editing this movie because it was "too violent". In the words of Chas Balun, it's supposed to be a fuckin' massacre, not a picnic! Anyways, this movie deserves to be seen, as it is WAY better than these jackshit remakes they've been doing. The script for this was by splatterpunk author David Schow, writer of "The Kill Riff" and the great short story "Jerry's Kids Meet Wormboy" from the excellent zombie anthology "Book Of The Dead", also the screenwriter for "The Crow" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning"(which I confess to not having seen, even though I am a fan of Schow, not a fan of remakes). It was directed by Jeff Burr, who also did the under-seen and under-appreciated Vincent Price movie "The Offspring". And did I mention it stars Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead, From Beyond, Devil's Rejects) and a young Viggo Mortenson (Lord Of The Rings, A History Of Violence)?

Anyways, back to Leatherface and this soundtrack. I searched high and low for this and could never find it until now. It is predominantly a metal soundtrack, featuring tracks from Laaz Rockit, Sacred Reich, Wasted Youth (L.A.'s Wasted Youth?), Death Angel, and more.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Omen - O.S.T. by Jerry Goldsmith

Here is Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar-winning score to the 1976 classic of satanic horror, The Omen. I know a lot of people think this movie sucks, or it's not scary, but you know what? It still rules. Features one of the best (although relatively bloodless) decapitations in screen history, Gregory Peck being crazy,and this score, which is about as chilling and haunting as it gets.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

John Carpenter's The Thing - O.S.T. by Ennio Morricone

John Carpenter's 1982 horror masterpiece The Thing is one of the very few remakes that I absolutely love. It is very bleak, full of paranoia, full of splattery fx work, and it's all set against a frozen wasteland backdrop and Ennio Morricone's very Carpenter-esque score. If you have never seen The Thing, you must. The soundtrack is a haunting experience in it's on right also. Possibly Kurt Russell's best moive, could also be Carpenter's best also. And, I will say it again, Rob Bottin's FX work is still jaw dropping and queasiness inducing some 28 years later, and could possibly never be equaled. An absolute masterpiece of terror.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bathory - "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark"

Sweden's Bathory should need no introduction, and it's a damn shame that I haven't posted this here yet, but here it is now. This album is another of those albums that truly define black metal for me. Dirty, raw production, evil riffs, bashing drumming, and more. And just check out the riff at 1:30 during the song "Chariots Of Fire". Yes, Venom may have coined the term "black metal", but Bathory fully delivered the goods with this album. Features the all time classics "Enter The Eternal Fire" and "Equimanthorn" also. This album just destroys, and is definitely not for the weak or people who want pretty, polished, symphonic bullshit, 'cause there's none of that to be found on this beast of an album.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phenomena - O.S.T.

Here is the soundtrack to Dario Argento's 1984 film, Phenomena, starring Jennifer Connelly and the late, great Donald Pleasance. It also features Michaele Soavi, thousands of insects, a pit of decomposing body parts, and a trained chimpanzee with a straight razor. So, in other words, it's a masterpiece. The soundtrack is equally awesome, with a score by Claudio Simonetti and tracks from Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Andi Sex Gang, and more.

here is the video for the theme, performed by Simonetti, video directed by Dario Argento. It was nicely added to my dub vhs of this fine film.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mother Of Tears OST - Claudio Simonetti

Well, my friends, it's still a few weeks away from Halloween, but here at Scummified, we aim to make Halloween an all month thing, so I'm starting the festivities a little early. Here is Claudio Simonetti's (he of Goblin fame) score to Dario Argento's final part of his "Three Mothers" trilogy, The Mother Of Tears (or "La Terza Madre" as it's known in Italy). The score is classic Simonetti, full of keys, chants, and more scary stuff going on. The movie is good, but not as good as the first parts, the classic "Suspiria" and "Inferno". Yeah, it's gory and fast paced, and better than a lot of other horror movies being released these days, but it just doesn't compare to his other works. Anyways, the score is great, so check it out!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crossed Out - "Discography 1990 - 1993"

Continuing the pissed off posts, here is some of the most pissed music imaginable, California's legendary power violence quartet Crossed Out. I'm feeling lazy tonight, so here is what Wikipedia has to say....

Crossed Out was a power violence band from Encinitas, California operative from early 1990 until late 1993. Crossed Out played sixteen shows and released a demo, 7", split 7" with Man Is The Bastard. split 5" with Dropdead, and two songs for theSon of Blleeaauurrggh compilation.

In 1991, Spazz bassist and vocalist Chris Dodge, who also ran Slap-A-Ham Records,asked the band to send him a demo. Five months after that recording, in the fall of 1991, their seven song self-titled 7" was released, including a firing squad cover photo. In 1992, the band recorded a live radio show on KSPC, a split 5" with Dropdead, a contribution to Slap-a-ham's SON OF BLLLEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! compilation 7", and a split 7" with Man Is The Bastard. By 1993, Crossed Out, along with Man is the Bastard, No Comment and Capitalist Casualties, played 924 Gilman Street's first power violence-only show, the Fiesta Grande. After the departure of original bassist Rich Hart, Eric Wood - bassist and vocalist of Man is the Bastard - volunteered to play bass; he remained with the group until their break up. The summer that followed, Dropdead toured the U.S with the release of their split 5", playing two shows with Crossed Out. An August 1993 show with Spazz, Los Crudos, and Dropdead, titled "Grindcore Night", on a flyer at Gilman St., led to the vocalist's comment "Fuck grindcore". "Fuck Grindcore" later became a bootleg 10" of their self-titled record. The group broke up in late 1993.

This is their discography, containing all the above records and live recordings. Crossed Out is definitely music to listen to when you just want to fight someone. I have the Fuck Grindcore 10", and it is pretty much just this discography. This is fucking hardcore. Listen and get set to kill.

Why? Because man will always be man.

Razor - "Violent Restitution"

This past week has sucked. My van has been in the shop twice, I've spent over 400 dollars on a problem that is STILL happening, I'm broke, work a shit job, etc, etc. I don't really wanna start ranting on about it, let's just say that I have been and still am highly pissed off.....which bring us to Razor, Canada's finest thrash export. This band could be the very essence of pure, unbridled, pissed-as-shit hardcore thrash metal. The riffs keep coming at you like daggers, while the drums pummel you into neck-breaking frenzies. And the vocals..... I don't want to give to much away to anyone who hasn't heard this album, but it rules. Hard. If you like straightforward THRASH METAL, and haven't heard Razor, get ready to hear the best of the best. Oh, and have I mentioned that they are pissed? They are. And so am I.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ghoultones - "Voices From The Grave"

Here are The Ghoultones, a band that operated out of Bristol, TN/VA and played horror tinged ska-punk. I saw these guys and played with these guys a lot in the late 90's. They seemed to play all the time around this area in 97-99, but various line-up changes eventually killed them. Members of this band also turned up in another bristol band, the more street punk Blue Light Casualties. I really don't know if these songs constituted a demo or not, but I found them off of some guy in Spain on Soulseek one day and figured they needed to go on here as a document of the various styles of punk rock that was around this area at the time. If you remember these guys, you know what to expect. If horror punk mixed with ska sounds up your alley, then you might dig this.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kreator - "Coma Of Souls"

Kreator are German thrash legends and should really need no introduction. These dudes have been ripping it up since the early 80's and still put out good albums, their newest, Hordes Of Chaos, actually rips pretty hard. But this album, to me, is the pinnacle of their discography. It is everything a great thrash album should be. I never care about album production, but this album is produced excellently I think. the drum sound is awesome, the guitars sound killer (and oh those riffs) and the bass is even noticeable. And did I mention the riffs?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Venom - "Manitou" 12"

Venom is a band that should need no introduction, and I can't believe I haven't posted any on here up until now. Venom are one of the best bands ever, dirty, raw, evil metal that just flat out damn rules. I would like to take this time to say that if you're remotely into metal and don't know of Venom, then you're really not that into metal. If you even make the claim that you're totally into black metal but don't like Venom, time to hang up the spiked wristbands and take off the corpse paint, because you're just living a lie. Anyways, here is their 1984 3 Song 12", "Manitou". I love this little EP. It's everything awesome about Venom in 3 songs. The tape version of this, if you can find it, has an extra interview with the band, but this is just the 3 songs. Lay down your souls to the gods Venom!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Senseless Apocalypse - "13 Tracks EP"

Senseless Apocalypse was one of the first handful of Japanese hardcore punk bands I heard, and they friggin' blew me away. A long lost contact in Japan sent me some tapes and one of them was this seven inch on one side with the demo from Rise on the other side. I wore that tape out. So, the other day the great Terminal Escape posted a tape demo of theirs, and it made me dig out my copy of this 7". so here it is, for you all to enjoy. S.A. play extremely fast, a blurring wall of screamed vocals, blasting drums, and distorted guitar that just brings a smile to my face.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Golden Arm - "Times Are Tight"

It's been a while since I've posted any local/regional music, so here is northeast Tennessee's very own Golden Arm with their 4 song, 2009 cassette, "Times Are Tight". It is pretty heavy hardcore.
Not really much to say today, just check this out. I hope you like it. It is still available from the band, so check out their myspace for more info.

Zero Boys - "Vicious Circle"

Welcome to the Vicious Circle.

This is Indiana's own Zero Boys with their first full length, 1982's "Vicious Circle". It is by all accounts a timeless classic of pure punk rock energy. The production of this album is amazing, the song writing skills are excellent, and the musicianship is one-of-a-kind. This album rolls right along with 16 tracks of fast, catchy, sing along punk rock with one of the absolute best rhythm sections in punk rock history. Seriously, if you don't like this album, you're fucked up. It is amazing.