Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bathory - "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark"

Sweden's Bathory should need no introduction, and it's a damn shame that I haven't posted this here yet, but here it is now. This album is another of those albums that truly define black metal for me. Dirty, raw production, evil riffs, bashing drumming, and more. And just check out the riff at 1:30 during the song "Chariots Of Fire". Yes, Venom may have coined the term "black metal", but Bathory fully delivered the goods with this album. Features the all time classics "Enter The Eternal Fire" and "Equimanthorn" also. This album just destroys, and is definitely not for the weak or people who want pretty, polished, symphonic bullshit, 'cause there's none of that to be found on this beast of an album.