Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dempsey & Eleven Shot By Two Split Tour Tape

This tape is a mystery. I have had this tape since June 24th, 1998, when I saw both bands at the Commerce street show space in Johnson City, along with a band called God Hates Computers that I recall having a record by at one time, and local favorites Kakistocracy. Why is this tape a mystery? Simple. I have lost all the packaging to this tape, I don't know any of the song names, but what I do know is that this split is awesome. I have listened to it many, many times, and now here it is for you.

Dempsey is first up (at least for me), with eight tracks of some great noisy, chaotic hardcore containing a healthy dose of atmospheric keyboards. The keyboardist also has a few solo piano pieces, including an old rag-time piece and a song about his hatred for computer nerds. I recall their set pretty well, they played a short, loud, intense set, the keyboardist joking between songs with the other band members, and at one point he put aluminum foil down on top of his keyboard, setting little plastic army men and other small toys on top of it, pouring lighter fluid on it, then setting it on fire, continuing to play. I was impressed.

Eleven Shot By Two offer us some more chaotic hardcore, even if the beginning of the first track does throw me a little because I think it's going to sound like early Dinosaur Jr., but then it's raging hardcore. I always listened to the Dempsey side more, but the 11SB2 side is awesome as well, it's definitely grown on me more over the years. Some of the tracks on their side segued into each, so I left those tracks as one mp3.

I'm putting this up because there is absolutely NOTHING about either of these bands online except for a shitty review of their show on my old show reviews page. I hope somebody in either of these bands comes across this and helps me fill in the blanks on this great tape.

Anyone who wants to hear some really good, unheard punk rock would be a fool to not download this.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Desolate Anguish - "Trainwreck Sessions" Demo

Here is a six song demo from Desolate Anguish, a two piece black/doom/punk band from Knoxville. These dudes played with my band Hex Hammer last night in Johnson City, and I thought they were great. This is six tracks of primitive, dirgy, punk influenced black doom metal that (in my mind) brought comparisons to Hellhammer and early Graveland (without the NSBM connotations). These guys ripped it up last night. This is raw, nasty, grimy, filthy, repugnant, with no pretense of production, just hateful scraping guitar, torn throat vocals, and very punk drumming. I think it fucking rules. If these guys play around yr area, make sure to check them out. Visit their website and ask for a copy of this cd demo, they give them away for free.