Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tombstalker 7" EP

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't done anything on here in a while, life has been hectic the past 2 months, but I'm back and I do have some goodies in store for you all. First up is a brand new 7'' from Lexington, KY's TOMBSTALKER, who play vicious black death thrash. This EP is 4 songs of total fucking awesomeness. It is available from my friend Josh May's KARMIC SWAMP label and I highly suggest you get one. Imagine if members of Dissection, Dismember, and Iron Maiden started a band and you have a pretty good idea of what this band is all about. The production on this is killer, the drums are perfect, the guitars are very audible with that swedish death distortion we all love, and fuck, this just rips and you will be all the better for checking it out. If these guys play around wherever you live, be sure to check them out, because they will probably destroy whatever venue they're playing at.

coming soon to the blog:
The Cold Beyond - Unofficial Demo
Asadachi - 2011 Demo
Samurai John - Integrity 1997 demo
and more.......

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dempsey & Eleven Shot By Two Split Tour Tape

This tape is a mystery. I have had this tape since June 24th, 1998, when I saw both bands at the Commerce street show space in Johnson City, along with a band called God Hates Computers that I recall having a record by at one time, and local favorites Kakistocracy. Why is this tape a mystery? Simple. I have lost all the packaging to this tape, I don't know any of the song names, but what I do know is that this split is awesome. I have listened to it many, many times, and now here it is for you.

Dempsey is first up (at least for me), with eight tracks of some great noisy, chaotic hardcore containing a healthy dose of atmospheric keyboards. The keyboardist also has a few solo piano pieces, including an old rag-time piece and a song about his hatred for computer nerds. I recall their set pretty well, they played a short, loud, intense set, the keyboardist joking between songs with the other band members, and at one point he put aluminum foil down on top of his keyboard, setting little plastic army men and other small toys on top of it, pouring lighter fluid on it, then setting it on fire, continuing to play. I was impressed.

Eleven Shot By Two offer us some more chaotic hardcore, even if the beginning of the first track does throw me a little because I think it's going to sound like early Dinosaur Jr., but then it's raging hardcore. I always listened to the Dempsey side more, but the 11SB2 side is awesome as well, it's definitely grown on me more over the years. Some of the tracks on their side segued into each, so I left those tracks as one mp3.

I'm putting this up because there is absolutely NOTHING about either of these bands online except for a shitty review of their show on my old show reviews page. I hope somebody in either of these bands comes across this and helps me fill in the blanks on this great tape.

Anyone who wants to hear some really good, unheard punk rock would be a fool to not download this.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Desolate Anguish - "Trainwreck Sessions" Demo

Here is a six song demo from Desolate Anguish, a two piece black/doom/punk band from Knoxville. These dudes played with my band Hex Hammer last night in Johnson City, and I thought they were great. This is six tracks of primitive, dirgy, punk influenced black doom metal that (in my mind) brought comparisons to Hellhammer and early Graveland (without the NSBM connotations). These guys ripped it up last night. This is raw, nasty, grimy, filthy, repugnant, with no pretense of production, just hateful scraping guitar, torn throat vocals, and very punk drumming. I think it fucking rules. If these guys play around yr area, make sure to check them out. Visit their website and ask for a copy of this cd demo, they give them away for free.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suicidal Tendencies - "S/T"

What can I say about this record that hasn't already been said in the 20+ years since it came out...Love 'em or hate 'em, S.T. was ALWAYS a force to be reckoned with. Before they started doing their crossover shit (and hey, I think that shit kills too...) there was this album....voted Worst Band AND Biggest Assholes in the '82 Flipside reader's poll, they still rocked the fuck out of the tracks on this album. Everyone at least knows "Institutionalized", the "hit" from this album...but what about "Memories Of Tomorrow" or the blatantly antagonistic "I Saw Your Mommy"? What about "I Shot The Devil"? Let me just tell you that EVERYONE should be familiar with the greatness that is this album.....break out your skateboards and your bandanas, it's time to get CYCO!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy Terror - "Mind Wars"

Back in the very early days of this blog, before I really knew what I was doing, I posted this wma format, and on rapidshare. Well, sorry about that. Here it is again, Holy Terror's criminally underrated "Mind Wars", which to me is nothing short of a masterpiece. Holy Terror was formed by Kurt Kilfelt, formerly one of the guitarists for american speed metallers Agent Steel, playing on their first album "Skeptics Apocalypse" before starting Holy Terror. They also recorded a demo and an LP before releasing this, their final album, and a metal album unlike many others. It has everything that a metal album should is full of amazing riffage, top notch rhythm work, a vocalist who sounds like at any second he could lose his shit, and lyrics that are thought provoking and intelligent and very much against religion, but in a very theologically probing kind of way, not your typical anti religious metal lyrics. Whatever, I fucking love this album. It is a crime that a band like Metallica got huge (especially that piece of shit black album), and this band got relegated to near-obscurity when they could outriff and outplay Metallica any fucking day of the week. I found this copy in a small, fledgling record store in Richlands, Virginia, for ten bucks, still shrink wrapped, but one of those "cut-out" cd's you so often see. The guy in the store was amazed that I had even heard of Holy Terror, and said that the cd had been sitting in the store since it open fourteen years ago. This album is still available, but on a disc that has their first album also and omits a track. This is at 256k, in mp3 format (like I said, early days post, didn't know what I was doing), and scans of the lyric sheet are also included. I highly recommend this.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Malignmen - "Southgate Sessions" 7"

Here is the second 7" from Knoxville's own Malignmen (first one is here), released by themselves on Plague Records, and as I remember available only to members of their mailing list. I have no clue how many of these were pressed or anything. A reader of this blog in the early days of the Northeast Tennessee Punk and Metal Archives sent me this record, since my copy of it (originally bought through the mailing list) was long gone. It was recorded by the band with a "borrowed four track in their practice space" and according to them, "this record's got balls"...whether or not that's true is up to the listener. I like it, the songs "Villain" and "The Closest Encounter" being the standouts. Once again, not the best rip in the world, but I can't find this anywhere else online.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fucked Over - 2011 Demo

Here are some raw as fuck punk songs that I recorded at various times, by myself. I used a portable tape deck to record the drums, then played that tape through a stereo, then recorded the guitar and vocals over the drums onto another tape. I just had some songs in me that I had to get out and no band to use them for. Nobody wants to play punk rock in this town, I think it's true. Anyways, there is twelve songs in under 14 minutes, influenced by bands like Death Side, B.G.K., Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Impact, and others, and intentionally raw, noisy, and fucked up sounding. I'm happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like it too. This was recorded on tape and converted to mp3....I have no copies of this tape available yet. If you would like a copy of it, just put it on a cd and boom, you've got a copy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Austin Vomit - Various Compilation 2000 -2010

Here are 31 tracks recorded by my friend, the late Austin Goins, and various friends and bands he had played with over the past 10 years. I'm putting this up as a memorial to him and his talent. No one wrote perverted pop punk tracks like he did. Up above is his hand written track list that he made when he was over here at my house, the last time I saw him alive. tracks 1-13 are the last tracks he recorded with his band Death Adder Day Care.

I miss you, brother.

austin and me in simpler times.........

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today I lost a long time friend. He was in bands with me, we all lived together, and now he's gone. It breaks my fucking heart and I can't put into words how I feel. His name was Austin Goins, he was exactly one year and two days older than me. He was one of a kind, a real fucking rocker, and now he's gone. Those of you that knew him please carry on his memory. I love you Austin, and I'm going to miss all the great times we had, the laughs, the drug induced craziness, the music, the friendship.

Austin Goins - 11/20/80 - 6/11/11 R.I.P.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Skudz - "Think For Yrself"

In the mid 90's, Knoxville, Tennessee, a scant 90 minutes away from where I live, was a hotbed of punk rock bands. There were The Malignmen, who's first 7" was posted here, there was K.P.D. (and if anyone out there has any of their recordings, if there are any, please let me know!!), and there were these guys, probably my favorite of the bunch, even though I never got to see them while they were around, and only upon moving to Knoxville in 2000 did I hear this record. This record is something I've wanted to add to the Northeast Tennessee Punk And Metal Archives since I decided to start archiving the shit in the first place. What we have here is 18 sloppy yet fun punk songs in 28 minutes, including a cover of The Dicks' "Hate The Police". I would almost venture that The Dicks were one of the major inspirations for this band, as they use the same guitar sound, that jangly sound that we all love. The cover was from a Calvin Klein ad that got C.K. in a lot of trouble, apparently...and my guess at the hand scrawled "FUCK K.P.D." at the top of the cover is that it's not only a jab at the Knoxville Police Department but also the band of the same name. I could be wrong on that last count.

I recommend this HIGHLY, as to my knowledge The Skudz were the only band from this region that actually released an LP. They also released a 7" entitled "Kill Whitey" and I will be putting that up soon also. But for now, enjoy this slice of mid 90's Northeast Tennessee punk fucking rock! And if there's anyone from The Skudz who comes across this, I hope that your glad to see someone cared enough about this record to try to preserve it and spread it around, because it is fucking great, and more people (from Tennessee or not) need to hear it, and I hope that you drop me a line!

Once again, this was converted from a tape of the LP, so the sound quality might not be the best, but it's fucking punk rock, so who cares?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Deathbag 7"

Here is a record that I've wanted to post since the beginning of this blog, and now I finally can. Here is the only 7" by Deathbag, six tracks of Discharge/Raw Power influenced punk rock. These guys played our old house twice, the first time we had heard the demo (it'll be up here soon), the second time Jesse, their drummer, sent me a package of tapes and there was this on one of the tapes. So I listened to the tape of the 7", loved it, and by the time they came back I knew the songs. I may be mistaken, but I do believe that this is a Scummified first, as I've tried to find these mp3's online but the only ones I could find are tracks from their split 7" with Witch Hunt, so this could be the only place to find these online. After Deathbag split up, their guitarist/vocalist and drummer switched instruments (to bass and guitar respectively) and started No Fucker, who released two 7" and two splits with Disclose before calling it a day. I'm biased in that I think these dudes can do no wrong. This record is killer, fast, raw, and they even cover Raw Power's "Fuck Authority", cowbell and all. Lyrics are included in the file.
A note on the mp3's: these were made from a tape of the 7", since I can convert tapes but not records...I think it adds to the rawness. I highly encourage all regular readers of this blog, if there are any, to get this. It is one of my favorite records that I own, and if you like fast punk rock at all then please check this out.

P.S. - Jesse; I told you it would be up here one day!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Plan 9 - '98 Demo

Here's the story:
In middle school I started listening to punk rock and getting into the whole subculture of it. I started a shitty band in 8th grade, we played 2 shows in our year and a half existence(?) and called it quits. This was around the time I started high school, where I met two older dudes (they could drive!) who were into Misfits/Danzig, Motorhead, Black Flag, was natural that we start a band.
Plan 9 was born.
The initial incarnation was David Stacy on vocals, Daniel Dyck on guitars (it's pronounced like LIKE), yours truly on bass, and 12 year old drummer Marcus Durham. We learned some Misfits and Queers songs, wrote some originals, and generally pissed off Marcus' parents. I do believe that his mother to this day still dislikes me for purposefully setting my hand on fire in her living room, but that's besides the point. We would practice in his garage, the covers of songs were horrible (whole solo part of "Some Kinda Hate" missing, I recall), and the originals, while not rousing punk anthems by any means, were at least better than the Korn/Deftones spew that almost every other band in this area was playing at this time. We played some good shows, the first time I ever played a show out of state was with this band (and there's a tape of this but you'll never hear it), and we were young punks having fun, starting trouble, and playing shitty music. Which brings me to this tape. What you are about to hear is our ONLY recorded output, a two song demo tape that cost us $475 to record. It was released by us in very small quantities, I think only about 25-30 tapes were made. We gave them out at shows, to friends, put some on consignment in local music stores, and they all disappeared. Even I had lost my copy of it, the original master tape (but I still have the actual reel it was recorded on).......
I thought that this tape was lost to me forever.
Then a record store re-opened in Johnson City over a year ago, and a friend of mine who worked there was going through tapes from the old store, when lo and behold, there it was, one of the copies I took to them on consignment. It was given to Marcus, but since he was not on this recording (a drummer by the name of Danny Roberts is), he gave it to me, and now here it is, for you, the lost Plan 9 demo. Two tracks in under 4 minutes, very simple punk.

I thought about waxing poetic about this and the dreams of my youth and punk rock aspirations and so forth, but decided against it. It's just two damn songs of mid tempo teenage aggression fueled punk rock. So this post is for David S., Daniel D., Marcus D., Danny R., Sarah E. from Las Vegas who played 2nd guitar for us for a little while, I hope you're doing great in whatever direction life has put you in, and for all those who were around at this time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Herpes - Demo

Here is an as yet unreleased demo by a new band called Herpes, featuring ex members of No Fucker and Atom Age and it is 6 songs that absolutely shred. Total raw punk that has already kicked my ass, and it will probably kick your ass also. This isn't even out yet, so there's no artwork for it, just 6 tracks of raw fucking punk, one a cover of Poison Idea's "Pure Hate". So check this out, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it whenever it actually comes out. I fully support any band that my buddy Jesse is in, and so should you.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bauhaus - "Mask"

Darkness and Light. Facades we all hide behind. Fear of the unknown, and joy in overcoming those fears. Night and day, good and evil. All these are phrases that I would use to describe the variety of emotions that Bauhaus put forth musically and lyrically on this album, their second and best. From the rousing opener "Hair of the Dog", to the funk laden "Dancing", experimental weirdness of "Of Lillies And Remains", utter atmospheric creepiness of "Hollow Hills" (every single time I hear Peter Murphy say "in fear of death/in fear of rot" it sends chills up my spine), and the absolutely phenomenal title track "Mask", which always sounds to me like the evils of the night fading back into shadows as the light comes out at the beginning of a new day, there really isn't a bad song on this album. This is easily one of the best albums ever. Here is the video they made for the title track, and it is entirely eerie:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sarcófago - "Rotting"

Sarcófago should need no introduction, their brand of high speed metal with lyrics about satan, sex, and booze being a big influence on many bands, especially their first album, the classic "Inri". Here is "Rotting", their second full length, which is 6 tracks in 32 minutes. The first track is a throwaway 30 second intro of moaning called "The Lust", which should have just been incorporated into the first real song, the ripping "Alcoholic Coma", and who knows why it stands on its own, but it does. This album seems at first to be sloppily played, but really grew on me the more and more I listened to it. My CD copy of this does not have the original cover pictured above, just a black cover with a grey logo and the name of the album in red, but it does have an awesome but blurry picture of the band on the back of it:

Any band with "Sexual Maniac" jeans has got to be killer, right? Right. So, invert your crosses, put on your bullet belts, grab some booze, and turn this up fucking loud!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Billy And The Boingers - Bootleg Flexi

Bloom County was one of my favorite comic strips when I was younger, and even though it hasn't aged too well, there are still some very funny moments in it, and then there's this: a two song flexi disc included with early copies of the collection "Billy And The Boingers: Bootleg". I have wanted to post this on here for some time, as it is a departure from the usual fast and raging punk/metal posts I love to make. So I figured, for my 175th post on this thing, why not have a little fun. Included with this you will find the lyrics and some scans. I promise I'll be back with more metal and punk rock soon, but for now, enjoy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paintbox - "Singing Shouting Crying"

Here is Paintbox's first full length, and what a fantastic album it is. Simultaneously melodic and harsh at the same time, with great japanese/english vocals and the fantastic guitar wizardry of Chelsea (from Death Side), how could you not like this? Highly recommended!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Void - "Condensed Flesh"

Void is, without a doubt in my mind, the greatest hardcore band from the Washington, D.C. area, and quite possibly the best hardcore band ever. Their split with Faith is a classic, and mandatory listening for anyone remotely interested in punk rock. Here is "Condensed Flesh", their second demo from 1981. The songs on this that are also on the split seem to have more energy and rawness on this recording, and there's no annoying high pitched vocals on "Organized Sports" here either. For those who have never discovered the awesomeness that is Void, I submit this demo for your enjoyment. And for those already initiated, you know exactly what the fuck I'm talking about.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Funeral Oration - "The Godsend"

Here is an early demo by Funeral Oration, one of many absolutely killer bands from the Netherlands in the 80's (see also Larm, B.G.K., Gepopel, Mornington Crescent, etc). This demo finds them ripping through 15 tracks, slowing down only twice for some proto-death rock songs that don't suck. I recently got this on vinyl, it was apparently issued in that format by Neder Again Records, which I cannot find anything about online, but they also released live bootlegs by Larm and B.G.K., both of which I would love to hear, if anyone has these, let me know! After releasing this demo, F.O. released the amazing "Shadowland" EP, which I posted here last year, and the incredible "Communion" LP, which you can find all over the place, just look for it. This could be my favorite of all their releases though. In the 90's, they were signed to Hopeless Records, and they put out some albums on that label that, while good, were nowhere near as great as their early stuff. Sadly, in 2004, vocalist (and guitarist on this demo) Peter Zirschky passed away, but this music will live forever. In fact it's partly the vocals of the early Funeral Oration stuff that I like the most. They're gruff, yet emotional at the same time, which is a pretty apt description of the music on this release also. Enough of my yapping, just get it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brain Death - "Personal Affair" 7"

Hey everyone, yes, I've been neglecting the blog again, but I'm here to make it up to you with this classic japanese hardcore record from Brain Death. This is eight songs of raging fast female fronted hardcore that should bring a smile to yr face. Once again, big ups to my buddy Jesse for introducing this band to me all those years ago.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Volcanic Slut - "Blasphemaster" 7"

Vinyl Rites has been putting out a slew of good releases lately, first the Mauser 7" that I posted here, now this, the first offering from floridians Volcanic Slut. Upon getting this record, I was sure this was gonna be total Sodom worship, but for some reason I was hoping it would verge into Sarcofago-like brutality....but it doesn't. That is not to say that this doesn't rip, because it does. It is 3 songs of straight up thrash metal with some punk underpinnings, and c'mon, anything named after an early Sodom track has got to be good. This is still available from Vinyl Rites, along with the Mauser 7", both of which I highly suggest you get. And also, before this post is finished, I have got to say that's one of the best record sleeve photos I've seen in a while.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Subversion 7"

Here is a 7" by Subversion, a forgotten punk band from Belgium. This 7" was released way after the band broke up, and contains four tracks from the tape compilation "Second Time Around" released by Punk, Etc, and two tracks from the "Bollox To The Gonads - Here's The Testicles" compilation LP put out by Pax Records. Once again, thanks to Jesse for introducing this band to me. This record is great, driving and raw d-beat (comparisons to Discharge are inevitable) from a band that time has sadly forgotten.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

D.I. - "Ancient Artifacts"

D.I. were a band from Fullerton, CA, and were made up of members of The Adolescents, a band that should be familiar to punks everywhere. Featuring the Adolescents drummer, Casey Royer, on vocals, and guitarist Rikk Agnew, they released this debut album in 1984. The original album had nine tracks of great melodic punk rock, but what really makes it stand out is Rikk Agnew's guitar playing. He is, to me, one of the unheralded masters of punk guitar. Just about every melodic punk band took the groundwork that he laid out and tried to expand on it. His solo album, "All By Myself", is featured on most copies of the first Adolescents album so you should definitely check that out if you haven't already. This album also features songs that were originally done by Rikk Agnew on his solo album, "O.C. Life", and what I consider to be one of the BEST punk songs ever, the phenomenal "Falling Out". Actually, every song on this is great. This contains the original nine track LP, plus a full live set with six "unreleased" tracks and some of the funniest in between songs banter you'll ever hear. If you don't already have this, then don't be a damn fool and get it now.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Discordance Axis - "The Inalienable Dreamless"

Here is the last full-length from Discordance Axis. D.A. were one of the best, lightning fast grind bands ever, with intelligent lyrics about topics like Philip K. Dick novels, and science fiction in general. Dave Witte was the drummer for this band, now he's in Municipal Waste and they're NOWHERE near as awesome as this band. I think the fact that this band has no bass is great, and the guitar playing is all over the fucking place. The vocalist also does the standard low growl/high scream vocal style so popular in grind these days, but D.A. did it best. I highly recommend this.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mornington Crescent - "Greetings From Amsterdam" EP

Here is the only vinyl output by Mornington Crescent, a great and totally overlooked punk band from the Netherlands. Like their fellow countrymen B.G.K., Funeral Oration, and Gepopel, they play great punk rock but with really gruff vocals. Years ago my friend Jesse sent me these mix tapes and this was one of the EP's he taped me, and it became my favorite stuff on that tape. This EP is four songs in eight and a half minutes, so it shreds.


Assück is everything that is great about death metal in short, grinding hardcore songs. There's really not much to say about these two albums I'm offering you here, other than they are ultra brutal grinding metal with such an intense hardcore vibe that I don't see how anyone into metal and punk couln't be into this. In this file you will find TWO albums by this gone but not forgotten band, "Anti-Capital"(with "Blindspot" EP), and their final offering, "Misery Index", a total of 42 songs in under 40 minutes. Total fucking fury. Legend has it that they wouldn't play at the venue for Columbus Fest one year because the stage was too high, so they played on someones front porch down the street from the venue. I cannot imagine how brutal this show was, if it actually happened. Get these albums and play them loud.

"We starve our children before the banquet of knowledge while politicians indulge in the feasts of war."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pussy Galore - "Corpse Love - The First Year"

My freshman year of high school would have sucked if I hadn't had this album to get me through it. At that point in time (and at this point in time also), I was into stuff like Black Flag, Misfits, Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Descendents, etc....and Pussy Galore was like no band I had ever heard before. It was pissed like hardcore, yet noisy as Sonic Youth, with an utter sleaze and trash vibe that I just couldn't resist. Like being in a very sketchy, dark alley, while cars crashed and people screamed obscenities at you while they died. I fucking love this album, and just about every other subsequent P.G. albums. It is exactly what its name implies, tracks from the first year of P.G.'S existence, including the "Groovy Hate Fuck" and "Teen Pussy Power" ep's. Yeah, they hated Ian Mackaye, and yeah, this was Jon Spencer's first band, but fucking A this album rules. Hell, there's even some Rolling Stones covers on it for good measure. I used to think this album had a song on it for everyone to find offensive, check out "Cunt Tease" and "You Look Like A Jew" for proof. Why don't you get it now and find out for yourself?

Helmet - "Meantime"

1992 seems like so long ago. When this album was released I was not yet eleven years old, but I knew it was heavy, and so by that standard, it was good. Here it is, almost 20 years later, and this album STILL holds up. I think it has excellent riffs, and I also think that John Stanier is one of the more under-rated drummers out there. I know that for some Helmet is an acquired taste, but this album has blown me away since '92, with no signs of stopping any time soon. It is a great, heavy, head banging album. Yes, I know that it is partly because of Helmet that crap like Deftones, Limp Bizkit, and the like are around and so popular, but I don't hold that against them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mauser - "End Of The Line" 7"

Man, I have been seriously neglecting this blog. I do intend to make up for it though,

Two days ago we here at the House Of Scummified (that would be me and my lady friend Lindsay) received a package from our friend Josh May. Josh runs the fledgling record label called Karmic Swamp, who did not release this record, but has released some mighty fine records by bands like Veloz and The Men. When this package came it was a mix of black metal records and punk records, but this record blew me away.

Mauser hail from Gainesville, Florida, and this 7" is six tracks of raging hardcore in the spirit of your favorite scandinavian d-beat greats, but theres something else about this that just gets me. Maybe its the pissed lyrics, maybe it's the great drum sound (the rolls sound like fucking machine gun fire), maybe it's the fact that this record just flat out KILLS. I highly recommend this record for those who like furious, assaulting punk rock. I hope these guys play around here sometime, I'm sure they rip shit up live. This record is available from Vinyl Rites and once again, I seriously recommend it. Until you can save up money to get a legit copy, get it now, and get blown away. Then, support this band!

Monday, February 28, 2011

All - "Allroy For Prez"

The Descendents are one of my all time favorite bands. Their music got me through some rough times. They are truly one of the greatest bands to walk this Earth, and I will forever love their music. That being said, ALL is, as you may know, the Descendents, minus Milo. The fact is this though: ALL is a criminally overlooked and under-rated band. Sure, they get sneered at by most punks because of their overt sappiness, but this sappiness is within the confines of hook-laden, carefully crafted punk rock that will stick to the insides of your mind like the bubblegum it so wants to be like. This is their second release, an 8 song ep that is possibly the best thing they ever did. It features Dave Smalley (of D.Y.S./Dag Nasty fame) on vocals , Stephen Egerton on guitar, and the unstoppable duo of Karl Alvarez on bass and Bill Stevenson on drums. If I haven't said this before, I'll say it now...Bill Stevenson is the best punk drummer, ever. Standout tracks on this are "Skin Deep", "Wishing Well", and the great "Daveage".

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lip Cream - "S/T"

Here is one of the single greatest punk rock full lengths to ever come from the land of the rising sun. I am of course talking about Lip Cream's 1989 self titled album. They already had a slew of releases under their belts by the time they released this, a 12 song masterpiece of furious hardcore pummeling. Words cannot do this album justice. It is THAT good. Ranks up there with anything by Death Side, Gauze, Outo, The Comes, etc...If you have never heard this before, believe me, you are doing yourself a favor by getting it now!

Rorschach - "Remain Sedate"

Here is New Jersey's Rorschach, and their first full length, "Remain Sedate". They played hardcore with a slight metallic edge to the songs, and harsh, lacerated throat vocals. They released a split with Neanderthal and another full length that is way more metal then this one. I think this album is just intensely played hardcore fury, check it out for yourself.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pestilence - "Malleus Maleficarum"

Here is "Malleus Maleficarum" by Pestilence, a metal band from the Netherlands that started off as a thrash metal band , but later on incorporated more death metal and even jazz influences into their attack. Sadly to say, I don't find those albums as interesting as this one. Maybe it's the sheer amount of killer riffage to be found on here, maybe it's the short but ferocious minute and a half onslaught called "Extreme Unction", maybe it's the fact that this album destroys. Their follow-up album, "Consuming Impulse", has its moments but can't hold a candle to the intensity of this one.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

G.G. Allin - "Freaks, Faggots, Drunks And Junkies"

G.G. Allin. Rock'N' Roll's #1 most wanted terrorist or complete utter waste of flesh and blood. I'll let everyone else decide that amongst themselves. While deciding, please use this album, his "magnum opus" to me, as part of your decision. I know where I stand. Asshole? Sure. One fucked up individual? Of course. Great punk frontman and instigator? Without a doubt. All I know is this...if you get easily offended, then Mr. Allin is by no means for you. If, you are like me and don't take everything exceedingly too seriously, then you might enjoy this. If you don't like it, well...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Puke - "Back To The Stone Age"

Here is the first and only full length from Sweden's Puke, who sounds to me like some punks got a hold of the first two iron maiden records and applied it to fast d-beat punk. That's probably not a good description, but have faith in this: this record kills. It is fast, fun, full of great little maiden-esque riffage, and it makes me want to learn the swedish language so I can sing along with their infectious choruses. They also put out a 7" called "Back To The 30's" and a demo, which is more in lines with swedish bands like Mob 47/Anti-Cimex than the riffage beast they became on this album.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Unsane - "S/T"

Before MTV put their video for "Scrape" into heavy rotation, NY's kings of noise Unsane were just a dark, heavy, noise rock band with bloody album covers. While I'm not a fan of their current output, I hold this album and the "Singles 89-92" compilation in very high regards. This album is a wall of noisy, distorted as hell, yet jangly guitar work, pounding, almost tribal drums, and distorted bass, with shouted vocals over top of it. A great album.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rise - "Fight For Freedom"

Here is a short, but absolutely killer 6 track offering from Rise, a band that I talked about in the early days of Scummified. They are from Japan and play ripping hardcore punk rock, definitely keeping the spirits burning, but I STILL cannot find any info on this band or their elusive demo that I once had a tape copy of, if interested in hearing two tracks from that, please go here. Otherwise, this little EP is great punk rock from a country that, it seems to me, has got punk rock down to a fucking science.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vlad Tepes & Belketre - "March To The Black Holocaust" Split

Here is the Vlad Tepes & Belketre split album. Both bands were French black metal bands, part of the Les Légions Noires scene in the early-mid nineties, which also gave us bands such as Torgeist, Mutiilation, and Brenoritvrezorkre. This is a fantastic split, as both bands try to out distort and out-grim each other. The Vlad Tepes side is my favorite, just check the awesome 12 minute long "Drink The Poetry Of The Celtic Disciple" for proof. Not to say that the Belketre stuff isn't any less killer. Their contributions to this split are shrieked vocals, light speed drumming, nasty distorted guitar, and both bands have enough atmosphere for 20 other so called "true" black metal bands. Truly, a split release that remains undiminished with age, unrelenting and dark black metal from both of these bands.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Venom & Bathory Split LP

Here is a split record by two bands who need absolutely no introduction. What I know about this record is this: apparently it was made in South America, in a run of at least 300 copies, but I can't tell if mine is one of those or yet another bootleg of a bootleg. The copy I own is on clear green vinyl. It is 7 tracks by Venom, and 5 from Bathory. The Bathory side is my favorite, as it seems to draw demos from the early stages of Quorthon's reign. The first song sounds more like the viking metal they pioneered, while the 2nd track sounds like first album stuff, 3rd track sounds like "Blood Fire Death" era, etc, etc. The Venom side is equally as good, with what I'm guessing is demos from the first 2 albums. A huge reason why I love this record and am very glad to have it in my collection is the fact that it could be just about the most black metal record I own. Sure, I've got some Darkthrone/Ulver albums, but this is really like having the birth of the genre on one LP, as you have the band that coined the term Black Metal and the band that truly defines Black Metal sound and aesthetics to me.