Saturday, October 31, 2009

Samhain - November Coming Fire

Well, it is Halloween, and what better way to celebrate this day of tricks, treats, ghosts and ghouls, than with my favorite album to listen to on this day, Samhain's classic November Coming Fire. This album is, to me, the alpha omega of all things death rock. It sounds like it was recorded in the most haunted cave in New Jersey. It is, by all counts, perfect Halloween music. So, Happy Halloween, download this (if you haven't got it already), blast it while you party or give out candy or whatever it is you do on this day.

Samhain - November Coming Fire

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Beyond

Here is my final soundtrack offering to you for Halloween, Fabio Frizzi's score to Lucio Fulci's absolute masterpiece of terror, The Beyond. I won't go into detail about my love for this film here (maybe one day), but i will talk about this score, which is easily one of the best horror film scores, but also one of the best for ANY movie. if you've seen the beyond, you know what you are in for, and even if you haven't, well, what's keeping you from enjoying this soundtrack?

The Beyond - Fabio Frizzi

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Back to the soundtracks, and this one surely needs no introduction. Goblin's magnificent score to Dario Argento's masterpiece of horror, Suspiria. On the 25th Anniversary DVD of Suspiria the members of Goblin themselves state that this score is Goblin at its purest and most realized essence, and you would be hard pressed to deny that.

Goblin - Suspiria

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Killer Panther - Live 2007

I'm taking a break on the soundtracks for this post (but don't worry, there will be more before halloween you little devils) because i wanted to share a rare recording of Killer Panther, a short lived band from Whitesburg, Kentucky. they were the self proclaimed "crust soundtrack to mountaintop removal" and this recording was done live to my 4 track in the basement of the old sullivan gardens house. Killer Panther on this recording was derek - vox and guitar, joe - guitar, matt - bass, evan - bass, and nathan - drums. it's just 3 songs, and supposedly there are some other random recordings out there of this band and if i can get my hand on them they'll be making their way to you also.

This is also the 50th post on Scummified. Thanks.

Killer Panther - Live 2007

Monday, October 26, 2009


Tenebre, also called "Unsane" in the U.S. during its initial release, is a 1982 film directed by Dario Argento, starring Anthony Franciosa, Daria Nicolodi, and the almighty John Saxon. It tells the story of a novelist who comes to Rome to promote his newest novel when a series of murders take place that are very reminiscent of the murders in his book. It is, above all else, classic Argento. Bloody, twisty, and has a great, perfect horror film ending.
This soundtrack is by Goblin, but is officially credited to Simonetti, Morante, & Pignatelli, who are considered 3 of the "founding fathers" of Goblin anyways. I think this soundtrack is excellent. some people prefer the classic Goblin sound (deep red, suspiria[coming soon!]), but this is also just as good. i mean, c'mon, it's fucking Goblin.

Goblin - Tenebre (1982)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Here is Charles Bernstein's score to that really obscure, never seen movie about some dude named roddy piper or something......

In all seriousness, if you haven't seen the original Nightmare On Elm Street or any of its many sequels, spin-offs, etc, have you been living under a fucking rock the past 25 years? Nightmare scared the shit out of me when I was little and there are scenes in it that still creep me out. Great soundtrack to a great film.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Near Dark

Near Dark is a 1987 horror film starring Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton and Adrian Pasdar. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, it tells the story of a yound midwestern farm boy named Caleb who gets seduced by a beautiful girl named Mae into a vicious nightlife of vampiric hell. What sets Near Dark apart from almost every other vampire flick ever is that the v word is never spoken, theres no fangs bared transformations, but you know whats going on. only vampires burst into flame when exposed to sunlight, right? Bill Paxton gives the performance of a lifetime as pissed off Severin, whose dialogue during the bar scene is absolutely gold. this movie is probably my favorite modern day vampire movie, and here is the soundtrack to it by pioneering german electronic masters Tangerine Dream.

"Let's just say i fought for the south...we lost."


Here is the soundtrack to Lamberto Bava's 1985 splatterfest DEMONS. Demons is to me one of the perfect party movies. Some parts of it defy all known conventional logic, but thats okay because it is total non-stop carnage propelled by a soundtrack that is equal parts Claudio Simonetti (of Goblin fame) electronic score and equal parts 80's heavy metal and "new wave". Bands included on this soundtrack, in case you didn't know, are Motley Crue, Accept, Saxon, Scorpions, Pretty Maids, Rick Springfield, Billy Idol, Go West, and The Adventures.

Demons - A Non-Stop, Merciless Gorefest. Check it out.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deep Red/Profondo Rosso

Here is Goblin's soundtrack to Dario Argento's 1975 giallo Profondo Rosso, aka Deep Red, aka Deep Red: The Hatchet Murders. I love this movie, and i LOVE their score. the first exposure to deep red i ever had was through an old vhs version that had 26 minutes cut out of the film...i enjoyed it, and thought the soundtrack was awesome, but this is a movie you should watch uncut if you haven't already seen it. if you have never listened to goblin in your life, this is the perfect beginning spot.

edit 3/13/11: received an email saying that mediafire deleted this file. c'mon goblin, why you gotta keep making us take your beautiful music out of people's hands?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cannibal Holocaust

Here is Riz Ortolani's absolutely amazing, haunting, horrific yet beautiful score to one of my favorite movies ever, Cannibal Holocaust. Haven't seen it? It doesn't matter. enjoy the music.

Cannibal Holocaust - Riz Ortolani

update 5/8/12: link doesn't work anymore, I had to remove the file from mediafire. it looks like 1500 or so of you enjoyed this little soundtrack before it got pulled so that's awesome, at least.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Return Of The Living Dead

I know halloween is still 2 weeks away but you know what, fuck it. start the celebrations early with this, easily one of the best soundtracks to one of the best zombie movies ever. i've had this cd since i was 13, buying it for 2 dollars at a pawn shop. i hadn't seen the movie yet, just the case at the video store, but i was already getting into bands like the misfits and such, and this soundtrack opened the door to all sorts of other bands to me. and then i finally watched the movie and it was everything a young punk could want...punks, zombies, gore, ruled, and it rules to this day. this cd was ripped by me at 128kbps, with full scans and an extra track, the theme song not included on the original release.
happy halloween, early.



so about 10 years ago i recieved a package in my mail from a friendly fellow in japan who ran the still around but not updated in 7 years Unexpected Fast Sounds website and on one of these long gone tapes was a demo from a japanese band called Rise. the demo blew me away, but i cannot find anything about them anywhere. apparently too many bands called rise have existed. so, here's my idea. i'm going to post the 2 songs from rise that i have in hopes someone out there know's about this band and can help me out.

Rise - Bullshit.mp3

Rise - Rise.mp3

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feces For Warpaint - You Can't Polish A Turd Demo

Here's a cd-r demo i've been wanting to post for a while, hell, i've been wanting to listen to it for a while. i had misplaced it in a friends cd book years ago unknowingly and thought it long lost, but here it is, for all of you to enjoy. i really don't know much about this band, i saw them once in Asheville in 2003 and got this cd there and promptly never heard of them again. i do know it features ex- face down in shit members, they sound like they worship at the altar of "Animosity" era Corrosion Of Conformity at times, and that there are a few live photos of them but next to no information on them anywhere.

Koro - 7''

Where would the Northeast Tennessee Punk Rock "scene" be without this, the best punk record to ever come out of TN, and arguably one of the greatest punk records to come from anywhere, ever. Just imagine, you, living in northeast tn in the early 80's and walking into a bar or somewhere in knoxville and seeing these 5 dudes destroying the place with their fast, tight, and absolutely awesome hardcore assault. jesus christ, what a band. this ep and the "speed kills" 12" are still available from Sorry State Records so i suggest using yr hard earned money to get them. until then, ladies and gentlemen, i give you without further ado, the 40th post on Scummified, a total legendary classic, and a natural inclusion to the Northeast Tennessee Punk And Metal Archives, the Koro "700 Club" 7" E.P.

Econochrist - Trained To Serve

Last night after I got off work all i wanted to do was smoke and listen to some good punk that I hadn't heard in a while. admittedly my lp collection is not very punk heavy (alot of classic rock) but i do have some good ones, this lp being one of them. So i broke it out, put it on, and quickly realized something i had almost forgotten, and that is that Econochrist are awesome, and I think this lp is them at their best. if you haven't heard it, check it out. this album is still available on the 2 disc Econochrist discography released by Ebullition, the only thing is Ebullition only accepts orders of $100 or more, but theres some good stuff on the site at wholesale prices, so start saving. in the meantime, give this some listens.

every steps a struggle unless you bow down and serve the goddamn bastards