Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suicidal Tendencies - "S/T"

What can I say about this record that hasn't already been said in the 20+ years since it came out...Love 'em or hate 'em, S.T. was ALWAYS a force to be reckoned with. Before they started doing their crossover shit (and hey, I think that shit kills too...) there was this album....voted Worst Band AND Biggest Assholes in the '82 Flipside reader's poll, they still rocked the fuck out of the tracks on this album. Everyone at least knows "Institutionalized", the "hit" from this album...but what about "Memories Of Tomorrow" or the blatantly antagonistic "I Saw Your Mommy"? What about "I Shot The Devil"? Let me just tell you that EVERYONE should be familiar with the greatness that is this album.....break out your skateboards and your bandanas, it's time to get CYCO!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy Terror - "Mind Wars"

Back in the very early days of this blog, before I really knew what I was doing, I posted this album.....in wma format, and on rapidshare. Well, sorry about that. Here it is again, Holy Terror's criminally underrated "Mind Wars", which to me is nothing short of a masterpiece. Holy Terror was formed by Kurt Kilfelt, formerly one of the guitarists for american speed metallers Agent Steel, playing on their first album "Skeptics Apocalypse" before starting Holy Terror. They also recorded a demo and an LP before releasing this, their final album, and a metal album unlike many others. It has everything that a metal album should have...it is full of amazing riffage, top notch rhythm work, a vocalist who sounds like at any second he could lose his shit, and lyrics that are thought provoking and intelligent and very much against religion, but in a very theologically probing kind of way, not your typical anti religious metal lyrics. Whatever, I fucking love this album. It is a crime that a band like Metallica got huge (especially that piece of shit black album), and this band got relegated to near-obscurity when they could outriff and outplay Metallica any fucking day of the week. I found this copy in a small, fledgling record store in Richlands, Virginia, for ten bucks, still shrink wrapped, but one of those "cut-out" cd's you so often see. The guy in the store was amazed that I had even heard of Holy Terror, and said that the cd had been sitting in the store since it open fourteen years ago. This album is still available, but on a disc that has their first album also and omits a track. This is at 256k, in mp3 format (like I said, early days post, didn't know what I was doing), and scans of the lyric sheet are also included. I highly recommend this.