Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yog Sothoth - "Alien Tongues" Demo 2010

Yog Sothoth is my black metal project. i posted the first demo from 2006 here last year. here is the new one. this one is just guitar, drums, and vocals, no overdubs, all "live", one take, direct to tape. it is 6 tracks of appalachian black metal inspired by Darkthrone, Ulver, Mutiilation, and of course, the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. I'm actually quite proud of how this tape turned out.

it is available from me, with packaging(tape cover above), on tape or cd-r. if you would like one, please contact me.

a big thank you to Adam Brewer, he of Globsters fame, for converting this tape into a digital format. i prefer the tape, but maybe thats just me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

they got me!!!

i guess i'm a real blog now....had to take down the ulver - nattens madrigal post. oh well.

i'll put something equally vicious in its stead later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

B.G.K. - "Jonestown Aloha!"

Here is B.G.K.'s first LP, the fantastic "Jonestown Aloha!". This lp is 20 tracks of great punk rock that straddles the line between catchiness and all out fury. In my opinion, it's one of the best punk albums ever.
I know this has probably been posted elsewhere, but i received this LP in the mail today from my friend Jesse, and to celebrate my happiness in receiving it, I'm sharing it with you.

Disclose - A Mass Of Raw Sound Assault 7''

Disclose is, to me, the best of all the "dis" bands. furious and raging hardcore in the discharge/anti-cimex vein. this is, like the name says, an 8 track mass of raw sound assault. download it, listen to it, and rage. i don't feel like typing much today.

R.I.P. Kawakami.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poison Idea - "Kings Of Punk"

All I have to say about this is that Poison Idea really were the kings of punk, and this album proves it. Sure, "Feel The Darkness" rules, "Pick Your King" and "Record Collectors..." rage, but man, this album smokes. "Lifestyles" is one of the best opening tracks of any album, ever.

R.I.P. Pig Champion.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Repulsion - "Horrified"

I'm posting this classic just because it's one of my all time absolute favorite albums in any genre of music, an album i can put on and listen to repeatedly, and just for the off chance there's some poor, misguided soul who hasn't yet been beaten utterly senseless by the sheer ferocity of this album. the only Repulsion full length, "Horrified" offers 18 tracks in 29 minutes of pure grinding madness. If you have NEVER heard Repulsion before, imagine Discharge, Celtic Frost, and Slayer in a blender turned to the highest setting. Contains such classics as "Eaten Alive", "Slaughter Of The Innocent", "Maggots In Your Coffin", the absolutely soul and body destroying "Festering Boils" AND "Bodily Dismemberment"...really every song is a winner.

Faster and more intense than just about anything else you'll hear from any band these days. Modern one man/pro-tools/gravity blast/porno/gore grind bands don't get the fucking picture anymore. gore grind is and will always be Repulsion, Impetigo, and Carcass! None better.

Truly, a masterpiece of metal.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Axehandle Mountain - 2010 Demo

Here is a brand new, not yet released demo from northeast TN's own Axehandle Mountain, featuring members of The Scams. They play pretty crushing crust/hardcore in the Tragedy/H.H.I.G./Scandinavian vein that you're bound to like. this band plays live around this area, so be sure to check them out live.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gettysburg - '97 Demo tape

Gettysburg was a short lived hardcore band from Johnson City, TN. they played hardcore that i'd compare favorably to bands like Mohinder, Heroin, first Angel Hair 7", and other acts on Gravity Records. Members went on to form Next To Of Course America God I Love You. There was once some 'zine that came with a compilation that had 2 of the Gettysburg tracks on this demo, along with songs by Spazz and other bands. any info on that?
anyways, i think this demo is awesome. features soundclips from the film "Gettysburg" (what were you expecting?).

Morbid Angel - Covenant

Here is Morbid Angel's major label debut, "Covenant". I know some people say Altars is the best and truest, or that Blessed Are The Sick is the best, but THIS was the first Morbid Angel i ever heard (thanks beavis and butthead), and this one has "Rapture", so I'm posting this immaculately produced death metal juggernaut. Yes, the production here is top notch. everything can be heard very well, from David Vincent's growling vocals and low end, Trey Azagthoth's insane guitar wizardry, and, most importantly, Pete "Commando" Sandoval's metronomically perfect drumming, some of the most intense kit bashing you'll hear, ever. I mean, really, seriously, the drums on this album kill everything in their path. fuck it, this whole album kills everything in its path. from the opening machine gun salvo of "Rapture" to the heavy cheesy doom of "God Of Emptiness", this album is just about as perfect a slab of death metal as you'll ever hear.

Misfits - "Evilive"

Although I never got to see the original Misfits live (and i wouldn't be paid to see the new "misfits"), this cd proves what i had always read: The Misfits were a horrible live band. I mean, for sure, this cd rules, but the guitars keep going out of tune, the sound is shitty, etc. All in all, a perfect document of one of the best bands ever. This is Evilive, sloppy, raw, Danzig-fronted Misfits. if you know me, then you know I've pretty much based my whole life off of Glenn Danzig since I was about 13. And in all truth, isn't that cover one of the best, most instantly recognizable punk album covers ever? features Henry Rollins grunting and yelling over "We Are 138" and enough crowd baiting and shit talking to make anyone happy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Death Side - "All Is Hear Now" 7"

Here is a great 7" from the great Death Side. Five tracks of furious punk rock, with Chelsea's fantastic guitar playing and Ishiya's gruff as dirt vocals getting your blood pumping!

Gauze - 6 Track EP

I feel like making up for lost time today, so here is another offering from the mighty Gauze, the Japanese hardcore institution. this was released on prank records in 97(?) and are newer recordings of songs from the first three albums. the songs sound heavy and massive, the vocals gruff, and it's Gauze, people! you need it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hellhammer - "Apocalyptic Raids"

If you don't know who this is, then there is really no hope for you. One of the first black metal bands, they eventually turned into the legendary Celtic Frost, and released albums throughout the 80's, until their last album, 2006's doomy, ultra heavy "Monotheist". However, we're not talking about what Hellhammer became, we're talking about what they were on this recording, which is 6 tracks of primitive power chord black metal that never gets too fast, like modern black metal, but is still evil and always great. includes the 9+ minute "Triumph Of Death".

How much do we at casa scummified like Hellhammer? we named our oldest cat after this band. here's a picture of me and him:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mystifier - "The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here"

Mystifier is my favorite of all South American bands, just barely edging out the classics like Sarcofago, Holocausto, old Sepultura, Necrofago, etc. This is their 3rd full length, from 1996, a more mid-tempo death/black metal affair. great riffs, great death metal vocals interspersed with some operatic style vocals, and some tasteful keyboard work make this an album to not pass on. This band is still going in some form or fashion, their last full length, 2001's "Profanus" is also good but a bit faster and not as engaging as this album is to me. The first song, "Give The Human Devil His Due" was featured on the soundtrack to Gummo. I could give a shit about Gummo. In fact, I'll state for the record that I have never ever liked that movie. If i wanna see how "white trash" people act, I'll just walk down my fucking street and not have to pay for it, but i digress.

Mystifier. they kill and you'll love it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Infest - "Mankind" 7"

10 raging tracks of hardcore power violence as only Infest can do it. i included lyric sheet scans with it, so now you can sing along while fingerpointing. also, this is one of the few 45's that sounds just as brutal played at 33rpm. why am i even still talking about this? this record kills, hear it.

Impact - Solo Odio

Here is Impact's 1984 "full length", "Solo Odio". Impact were one of the first wave of Italian hardcore bands, up there with Wretched, Indigesti, Raw Power, and Negazione, to name a few, that formed the basis of what hardcore punk rock in Italy would be like for years to come. Now, i know this has been blogged elsewhere, so you might have already heard it. if you have, then you know what's up. if somehow, you've just stumbled across this blog and you see this and think, "hmm, i bet this is alright" let me tell you....this album destroys. it is 10 tracks of politically charged, furiously energetic hardcore with great sound and great vocals that should reaffirm all your faith in punk rock. i know it did for me the first time I heard it. they also released a split with EU's Arse, 2 more EP's, and another full length, according to the great Kill From The Heart. They are all great releases, but to me, nothing tops the violent explosion of hardcore energy that Impact captured on this LP. do yourself a favor and get this now!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gauze - "Genkai Wa Doko Da"

Gauze could be the greatest punk band ever. forming in the early 80's, these 4 punks from Japan have been tearing shit up since then, releasing stuff sporadically(their last release was in 2001), but still playing monthly in Japan. this is their 1989 full length, "Genkai Wa Doko Da", which, I'm told, translates to "What's The Limit?". it is furious, crushing hardcore that should change your life. Gauze is one of my all-time favorite punk bands. Expect more Gauze on here in the future.

for more info, please go here.