Thursday, June 3, 2010

Impact - Solo Odio

Here is Impact's 1984 "full length", "Solo Odio". Impact were one of the first wave of Italian hardcore bands, up there with Wretched, Indigesti, Raw Power, and Negazione, to name a few, that formed the basis of what hardcore punk rock in Italy would be like for years to come. Now, i know this has been blogged elsewhere, so you might have already heard it. if you have, then you know what's up. if somehow, you've just stumbled across this blog and you see this and think, "hmm, i bet this is alright" let me tell you....this album destroys. it is 10 tracks of politically charged, furiously energetic hardcore with great sound and great vocals that should reaffirm all your faith in punk rock. i know it did for me the first time I heard it. they also released a split with EU's Arse, 2 more EP's, and another full length, according to the great Kill From The Heart. They are all great releases, but to me, nothing tops the violent explosion of hardcore energy that Impact captured on this LP. do yourself a favor and get this now!

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