Thursday, June 17, 2010

Repulsion - "Horrified"

I'm posting this classic just because it's one of my all time absolute favorite albums in any genre of music, an album i can put on and listen to repeatedly, and just for the off chance there's some poor, misguided soul who hasn't yet been beaten utterly senseless by the sheer ferocity of this album. the only Repulsion full length, "Horrified" offers 18 tracks in 29 minutes of pure grinding madness. If you have NEVER heard Repulsion before, imagine Discharge, Celtic Frost, and Slayer in a blender turned to the highest setting. Contains such classics as "Eaten Alive", "Slaughter Of The Innocent", "Maggots In Your Coffin", the absolutely soul and body destroying "Festering Boils" AND "Bodily Dismemberment"...really every song is a winner.

Faster and more intense than just about anything else you'll hear from any band these days. Modern one man/pro-tools/gravity blast/porno/gore grind bands don't get the fucking picture anymore. gore grind is and will always be Repulsion, Impetigo, and Carcass! None better.

Truly, a masterpiece of metal.

1 comment:

  1. I fuckin hate gravity blasts so god damn much! Give me Mick Harris or give me death!

    Repulsion fuckin rules!