Monday, August 31, 2009

so the response to the Northeast Tennessee Punk And Metal Archives has been good, but i'm not hearing from as many people as i feel i should be. i know that theres people in this area like me, who feel that the older punk and metal from this area shouldn't be lost. so get in touch with me! contributions have been coming though, so expect some music in coming days from bands as diverse as Punchin' Judy, Next To Of Course America God I Love You, Aghast, and more.
also working on a regional compilation to be released on here for download...if you were in a punk or metal band from the northeastern tennessee area and recorded maybe 1 song just fucking around one day, i want it!

also, be sure to check out for some other regional punk rock. the guy who does it lives in Ohio, but I guess he used to live in this region at one point in time. i've found some records i've been wanting in mp3 format on this site, including the queerwulf 7'', the spawn sacs' "assholes of the night" 7", and even the Reagans Bones - "Reaganomics" ep. so check it out, maybe it'll get the guy to post some more stuff from southeast tennessee and surrounding areas....

The Malignmen

Here's a 7'' i've been looking for for a while, Knoxville's infamous Malignmen.

these guys played with bands like the murder junkies and the undead, so if that doesn't give you an idea of what they sound like then nothing will. they played in kingsport and johnson city alot in 97-98, then disbanded. guitarist Jaw went on to form the american plague.

plan 9 played with them at Our Place in 1997...i remember the singer came off as an asshole to me, but maybe he was just trying to be punker than thou or something, who knows.
anyways, this is another vital piece of northeast tennessee punk rock history, and it's taken me forever to find mp3's of it. (thank you soulseek!)

get it here:

Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is the 20th post since i began Scummified, so here is something special for everyone. Here are five demos from five very different bands, all from this area. I hope you enjoy. its now 9pm on August 29th, and i started this project this morning. Please download, and PLEASE, leave me some comments, huh? i worked really hard for everyone to hear some of the unique musical heritage this region has, and will continue striving to archive only the best punk rock, hardcore, and metal this area had to offer.

The Auditors Will Be Audited, The Accountants Will Be Held To Account
A two piece (guitar/drums) from the infamous Lenoir House, it was j.d. (ex-hadaka matsuri/jacuzzi suicide/kakistocracy) and me, and we were, as evan put it so rightly, "influenced by thin lizzy and blastbeats". we played a lot at the lenoir house, around town and regionally, and we also toured for 10 days in 2004 (playing chattanooga and murfreesboro,tn, bloomington, indiana, oberlin, ohio, pittsburgh, pa, athens, ohio).
j.d. ripped these tracks (the ones i ripped skipped) but i found the tape and scanned the cover and inside, which is also included. the demo cassette was only 6 tracks, but also included here is an unreleased track which was supposed to go on a compilation cd put together by travis from asshole parade, but never happened.

get it here:

The Scams
The Scams were a local band who existed for quite a long time, only recently disbanding this year. members were also in The Business Machines (stuff by them coming soon!), Dissociative Rhythm Madness (also disbanded recently), and more. This demo, which i think is the last one they did (but i could be wrong),came out in 2007and finds them experimenting with almost "cowpunk" like sounds mixed in with their traditional hardcore attack. these guys are missed, a band that got better with each show up until the end of their existence. they were destroyers.
sorry, i have no track listing and no artwork except for a picture from their myspace.

get it here:

Greed Disease
Another of my bands from over the years, Greed Disease was a two piece (me-bass/j.p-drums) anarchopunk band. the songs on this demo are all political and listening to it now i can tell it was written by 19 year old "activist(active in getting high, thats for sure) anarchist" me...and is it embarassing? not really. do i still espouse the same beliefs i did almost 10 years ago? some, yeah, but not all. this demo was recorded at 2 seperate times, first 7 songs in summer 2001, 8-10 were recorded 2000. this demo made its rounds locally apparently...people still remember greed disease even though we never played a show. oh well.

get it here:

Mind Sludge
This demo is six tracks of total napalm death worshipping brutal, detuned crust-grind. a newer breed of local band, and sick as shit too. playing shows regularly around the area, so check 'em out. if i told you what other bands these kids were in it'd fill up a page.

get it here:

Black Winter Holocaust
Black Winter Holocaust is a two piece black metal band from the mountains of southwest Virginia. Not much is known about this elusive duo. they do have a myspace, but there isn't very much on it. so far this is their only recorded output, four tracks of Immortal influenced cold appalachian black metal.

get it here:

MONOLITH - old school Kingsport Metal

In the late 80's/early 90's there was a death metal band from Kingsport called Monolith. They may even still be around in some variation, but i know that in the early to mid 90's they released a demo tape and got big in japan (?).the demo tape is something which i am trying to procure somehow for your listening displeasure. (and if anyone seeing this has this tape contact me!)
heres some live footage of them in 1992.

Pilgrimm & Aorta Journal

these are 2 self released cd's from 2 different bands that existed in this area for short time periods. Aorta Journal is the older of the 2, i'm not sure when their 3 Song Demo cd-r was released, but it is noisy, heavy, almost grindcore, but definantly awesome. Pilgrimm is very heavy, detuned sludge. my now defunct metal band played with them a few times, and this cd is excellent, but I don't think it captures how bowel-shakingly massive they sounded live.

the pilgrimm cd is still in print and available from chaotic underworld records, a johnson city ran label specializing in experimental releases.
get them here:

Aorta Journal - 3 Song Demo:

Pilgrimm - Seek The Old Path And Walk Therein CD -

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


so what the fuck? i see that people are downloading stuff i post, so why not leave me some goddamn feedback?
anything, sheesh.

still working on the goddamn blue ribbon tape and the apocalyptic urinal/carmalita split tape, i promise i will get them posted.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Appalachian Lovecraftian Black Metal

So I have been wanting to post this since the beginning of Scummified, but I was just waiting for the right time.

You could say I've been waiting until the stars were aligned in the proper positions to unleash it.

This is Yog Sothoth, my black metal project. It is 5 tracks of H.P. Lovecraft inspired black metal. There is NO racist/sexist/homophobic/nationalistic views in Yog Sothoth. it is purely inspired by a love for the region that I live in, a love for the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and the mythos that he created and others have added to; and musically inspired by darkthrone, ulver, and goblin.

please check it out, and let me know what you think. it hasn't been given a proper tape/cd release yet, but I am working on that.

Uusally the rules for downloading are if you like it, buy it. If you like this and would like an actual copy of it, just let me know in the comments and we'll be in contact from there.

through fathomless aeons he sleeps, waiting to awaken:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cheap Skate

It's time for another trip down Northeast TN Punk Rock Lane with Cheap Skate.
Cheap Skate was a pop punk/ska band started by Austin Goins(vocals, guitar), Dusty Evans (bass, vocals) and Kevin Masters (drums, vocals). they recorded their first 7 song demo in early 1997. Summer of '97 was when I met Austin and Dusty at the shirt-lived "Our Place" hangout on Wilcox Drive in Kingsport. They gave me their demo and a sticker (wow, a punk band around here who already had merch!!) and we all became friends, even to this day. my old band Plan 9 (expect stuff up here from them soon) and Cheap Skate played a lot of shows together, sometimes even borrowing austin for guitar or drums when our guitarist either couldnt make it or our drummers sucked. one show in particular stands out in mind in Erwin(?), TN on the back porch of someones trailer...somehow i started cooking in their kitchen and kids grabbed me to dance during cheap skate and i left bacon frying in a skillet and almost burned the trailer down. oops.
anyways, i don't have any artwork or even pictures of this to post, but will post some when i find/get them. the music, however, is 17 tracks of ramones/screeching weasel influenced pop punk with some ska punk songs thrown in for good measure. 1-10 is the "Official Beagle" tape, recorded in 1998 by the man who ran Our Place. (it should be known that Cheap Skate won a "battle of the bands" competition in summer of 1998 and won free studio time, which they used to record this, and that by this time they had added second guitarist J.D. Collette, later of hadaka matsuri and long time friend, who appears on this recording) 11-17 is the bands original tape demo in all its glory. the beginning of "dead old man" on the demo sounds funny but it's from a 12 year old tape that someone converted to .wma, then i converted all tracks to mp3.

re-uploaded 8/29/09 with COVER SCAN and correct tracklisting!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


so heres the deal.

around the turn of the millenium some friends got together and decided to start a band. the musical tastes varied from member to member, and they wanted a band that reflected those tastes. so Blood Diner was formed. Blood Diner was started by andy (vox, keyboards), matt (guitar, vox), j.d. (drums, vox) and adam (bass). adam didn't last too long so austin joined , and when he joined the band renamed itself Ikkabod. Ikkabod started playing shows with a fury. what did they sound like?

well, that was always a point of argument. i always thought they sounded like spazzier punk rock metal bastard version of faith no more. you might think otherwise. i will say this....between 2000-2001 i lived in knoxville and would come back to kingsport occasionally when work and school permitted it, and usually either saw them practice at the fabled lenoir house or playing for hardly anyone at some local bar or v.f.w. hall or wherever they could. i fucking LOVED this band while they existed, they were my favorite local band. NO ONE else was doing such insane stuff at the time around here, everyone was either playing really bad pop punk or (even worse) korn sounding shit and they just played whatever the fuck they felt like.

like all good bands, inner turmoil split the band on the day of what was supposed to be my first show with them as second guitarist, but they left behind this recorded legacy. what you have here is the self released "Dark Angel Rock Attack" cd-r demo (which is still available from humdinger records) and extra tracks, including 4 songs that were supposed to be released on 7'' and another few early songs recorded "live" to a four track (i think).

will you like it? i don't give a fuck if you do or don't. i liked it alot when it was going on, and listening to it now, it brings back memories of a time when everyone still hung out, got fucked up in the garage together while watching wrestling and bad movies, reminds me of days sitting at the lenoir house watching them practice, listening to them recording the cd at the lenoir house and the insanity that that was, and just simpler times.

if you lived around here during 2000-2003 and you liked this band, you owe it to yourself to have this. if you've never heard them and want something new to check out, i envy you. to me, this band was punk as it got for this area, that time. another band like them won't be seen.

Oh, The Horror!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

two unsung regional bands...

well, here's a music post for you all. heres two demos from two regional punk bands that are sadly no more.

Rise From Ruin is a hardcore band that existed in Knoxville, TN around the turn of the millenium. i remember moving to knoxville in august of 2000 and seeing them play at the hell house, this house on james agee street that had some pretty damn good shows. they play chaotic screamy hardcore in the vein of orchid and other bands. this is a 7 song demo that they gave me when Hadaka Matsuri played with them in Johnson City. they were really nice guys, and if any of them happen to see this, please get in touch with me. this includes the cover and insert scans.
get it here:

Sink The Fucker (a.k.a. Shovelfight) is a hardcore band from Asheville, N.C. that play fast, screamy hardcore and features the drummer from Kakistocracy on guitar and tattooist extraordinaire danny reed on vocals. this demo was given to me when hadaka matsuri played with them and Yaphet Kotto in asheville years ago. there is no track listing or artwork with it (because they never gave me that...) so if any of you in S.T.F. see this, hook me up!
get it here: