Monday, August 31, 2009

The Malignmen

Here's a 7'' i've been looking for for a while, Knoxville's infamous Malignmen.

these guys played with bands like the murder junkies and the undead, so if that doesn't give you an idea of what they sound like then nothing will. they played in kingsport and johnson city alot in 97-98, then disbanded. guitarist Jaw went on to form the american plague.

plan 9 played with them at Our Place in 1997...i remember the singer came off as an asshole to me, but maybe he was just trying to be punker than thou or something, who knows.
anyways, this is another vital piece of northeast tennessee punk rock history, and it's taken me forever to find mp3's of it. (thank you soulseek!)

get it here:


  1. Actually Stek is an asshole to anyone he doesn't know, but a kick ass motherfucker nonetheless.

  2. that's i was saying, this was 14 years ago you know, so i was probably a stupid fuck anyways, haha

  3. Steks one of my favorite assholes. We were in a band called the bastard outlaws together. He's doin time on a murder case.

  4. hey man you remember me and that damn garage lol i kinda fell off the planet but hey didnt we all not getting into that ill call yea stek but i think you i and hell mel always tight well brother i need to find out where you r at so i can send something or visit if i can i dunno miss ya man and those smelly ass dogs lotsa love man from the crew

  5. hey guys,i was digging around in a old trunk today ,and found 2 copies of the 7 inch you have pictured,and another one "southgate sessions" by the malignmen.are you looking for a copy?