Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pilgrimm & Aorta Journal

these are 2 self released cd's from 2 different bands that existed in this area for short time periods. Aorta Journal is the older of the 2, i'm not sure when their 3 Song Demo cd-r was released, but it is noisy, heavy, almost grindcore, but definantly awesome. Pilgrimm is very heavy, detuned sludge. my now defunct metal band played with them a few times, and this cd is excellent, but I don't think it captures how bowel-shakingly massive they sounded live.

the pilgrimm cd is still in print and available from chaotic underworld records, a johnson city ran label specializing in experimental releases.
get them here:

Aorta Journal - 3 Song Demo:

Pilgrimm - Seek The Old Path And Walk Therein CD -

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