Sunday, August 2, 2009

two unsung regional bands...

well, here's a music post for you all. heres two demos from two regional punk bands that are sadly no more.

Rise From Ruin is a hardcore band that existed in Knoxville, TN around the turn of the millenium. i remember moving to knoxville in august of 2000 and seeing them play at the hell house, this house on james agee street that had some pretty damn good shows. they play chaotic screamy hardcore in the vein of orchid and other bands. this is a 7 song demo that they gave me when Hadaka Matsuri played with them in Johnson City. they were really nice guys, and if any of them happen to see this, please get in touch with me. this includes the cover and insert scans.
get it here:

Sink The Fucker (a.k.a. Shovelfight) is a hardcore band from Asheville, N.C. that play fast, screamy hardcore and features the drummer from Kakistocracy on guitar and tattooist extraordinaire danny reed on vocals. this demo was given to me when hadaka matsuri played with them and Yaphet Kotto in asheville years ago. there is no track listing or artwork with it (because they never gave me that...) so if any of you in S.T.F. see this, hook me up!
get it here:

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