Monday, August 31, 2009

so the response to the Northeast Tennessee Punk And Metal Archives has been good, but i'm not hearing from as many people as i feel i should be. i know that theres people in this area like me, who feel that the older punk and metal from this area shouldn't be lost. so get in touch with me! contributions have been coming though, so expect some music in coming days from bands as diverse as Punchin' Judy, Next To Of Course America God I Love You, Aghast, and more.
also working on a regional compilation to be released on here for download...if you were in a punk or metal band from the northeastern tennessee area and recorded maybe 1 song just fucking around one day, i want it!

also, be sure to check out for some other regional punk rock. the guy who does it lives in Ohio, but I guess he used to live in this region at one point in time. i've found some records i've been wanting in mp3 format on this site, including the queerwulf 7'', the spawn sacs' "assholes of the night" 7", and even the Reagans Bones - "Reaganomics" ep. so check it out, maybe it'll get the guy to post some more stuff from southeast tennessee and surrounding areas....

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