Friday, August 7, 2009


so heres the deal.

around the turn of the millenium some friends got together and decided to start a band. the musical tastes varied from member to member, and they wanted a band that reflected those tastes. so Blood Diner was formed. Blood Diner was started by andy (vox, keyboards), matt (guitar, vox), j.d. (drums, vox) and adam (bass). adam didn't last too long so austin joined , and when he joined the band renamed itself Ikkabod. Ikkabod started playing shows with a fury. what did they sound like?

well, that was always a point of argument. i always thought they sounded like spazzier punk rock metal bastard version of faith no more. you might think otherwise. i will say this....between 2000-2001 i lived in knoxville and would come back to kingsport occasionally when work and school permitted it, and usually either saw them practice at the fabled lenoir house or playing for hardly anyone at some local bar or v.f.w. hall or wherever they could. i fucking LOVED this band while they existed, they were my favorite local band. NO ONE else was doing such insane stuff at the time around here, everyone was either playing really bad pop punk or (even worse) korn sounding shit and they just played whatever the fuck they felt like.

like all good bands, inner turmoil split the band on the day of what was supposed to be my first show with them as second guitarist, but they left behind this recorded legacy. what you have here is the self released "Dark Angel Rock Attack" cd-r demo (which is still available from humdinger records) and extra tracks, including 4 songs that were supposed to be released on 7'' and another few early songs recorded "live" to a four track (i think).

will you like it? i don't give a fuck if you do or don't. i liked it alot when it was going on, and listening to it now, it brings back memories of a time when everyone still hung out, got fucked up in the garage together while watching wrestling and bad movies, reminds me of days sitting at the lenoir house watching them practice, listening to them recording the cd at the lenoir house and the insanity that that was, and just simpler times.

if you lived around here during 2000-2003 and you liked this band, you owe it to yourself to have this. if you've never heard them and want something new to check out, i envy you. to me, this band was punk as it got for this area, that time. another band like them won't be seen.

Oh, The Horror!!


  1. oh fuck yeah! thanks for sharing a priceless piece of time!

  2. not a problem eric, you know i aim to please.

  3. Wow, bonus tracks, nice.

  4. PS Nice file format asshole,.WMA? What is this the time of fucking Charlemagne? Some of the tags could be better too, I give this rip a C-, music gets an A tho. .flac next time sukka!

  5. flac can suck it...old school all the way, haha

  6. awesome man... i've been missing the hell out of this album.. it'll be great to hear it again

  7. i need to hear "postal" right now, because i feel like taking some mother fuckers out