Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Malignmen - "Southgate Sessions" 7"

Here is the second 7" from Knoxville's own Malignmen (first one is here), released by themselves on Plague Records, and as I remember available only to members of their mailing list. I have no clue how many of these were pressed or anything. A reader of this blog in the early days of the Northeast Tennessee Punk and Metal Archives sent me this record, since my copy of it (originally bought through the mailing list) was long gone. It was recorded by the band with a "borrowed four track in their practice space" and according to them, "this record's got balls"...whether or not that's true is up to the listener. I like it, the songs "Villain" and "The Closest Encounter" being the standouts. Once again, not the best rip in the world, but I can't find this anywhere else online.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fucked Over - 2011 Demo

Here are some raw as fuck punk songs that I recorded at various times, by myself. I used a portable tape deck to record the drums, then played that tape through a stereo, then recorded the guitar and vocals over the drums onto another tape. I just had some songs in me that I had to get out and no band to use them for. Nobody wants to play punk rock in this town, I think it's true. Anyways, there is twelve songs in under 14 minutes, influenced by bands like Death Side, B.G.K., Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Impact, and others, and intentionally raw, noisy, and fucked up sounding. I'm happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like it too. This was recorded on tape and converted to mp3....I have no copies of this tape available yet. If you would like a copy of it, just put it on a cd and boom, you've got a copy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Austin Vomit - Various Compilation 2000 -2010

Here are 31 tracks recorded by my friend, the late Austin Goins, and various friends and bands he had played with over the past 10 years. I'm putting this up as a memorial to him and his talent. No one wrote perverted pop punk tracks like he did. Up above is his hand written track list that he made when he was over here at my house, the last time I saw him alive. tracks 1-13 are the last tracks he recorded with his band Death Adder Day Care.

I miss you, brother.

austin and me in simpler times.........

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today I lost a long time friend. He was in bands with me, we all lived together, and now he's gone. It breaks my fucking heart and I can't put into words how I feel. His name was Austin Goins, he was exactly one year and two days older than me. He was one of a kind, a real fucking rocker, and now he's gone. Those of you that knew him please carry on his memory. I love you Austin, and I'm going to miss all the great times we had, the laughs, the drug induced craziness, the music, the friendship.

Austin Goins - 11/20/80 - 6/11/11 R.I.P.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Skudz - "Think For Yrself"

In the mid 90's, Knoxville, Tennessee, a scant 90 minutes away from where I live, was a hotbed of punk rock bands. There were The Malignmen, who's first 7" was posted here, there was K.P.D. (and if anyone out there has any of their recordings, if there are any, please let me know!!), and there were these guys, probably my favorite of the bunch, even though I never got to see them while they were around, and only upon moving to Knoxville in 2000 did I hear this record. This record is something I've wanted to add to the Northeast Tennessee Punk And Metal Archives since I decided to start archiving the shit in the first place. What we have here is 18 sloppy yet fun punk songs in 28 minutes, including a cover of The Dicks' "Hate The Police". I would almost venture that The Dicks were one of the major inspirations for this band, as they use the same guitar sound, that jangly sound that we all love. The cover was from a Calvin Klein ad that got C.K. in a lot of trouble, apparently...and my guess at the hand scrawled "FUCK K.P.D." at the top of the cover is that it's not only a jab at the Knoxville Police Department but also the band of the same name. I could be wrong on that last count.

I recommend this HIGHLY, as to my knowledge The Skudz were the only band from this region that actually released an LP. They also released a 7" entitled "Kill Whitey" and I will be putting that up soon also. But for now, enjoy this slice of mid 90's Northeast Tennessee punk fucking rock! And if there's anyone from The Skudz who comes across this, I hope that your glad to see someone cared enough about this record to try to preserve it and spread it around, because it is fucking great, and more people (from Tennessee or not) need to hear it, and I hope that you drop me a line!

Once again, this was converted from a tape of the LP, so the sound quality might not be the best, but it's fucking punk rock, so who cares?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Deathbag 7"

Here is a record that I've wanted to post since the beginning of this blog, and now I finally can. Here is the only 7" by Deathbag, six tracks of Discharge/Raw Power influenced punk rock. These guys played our old house twice, the first time we had heard the demo (it'll be up here soon), the second time Jesse, their drummer, sent me a package of tapes and there was this on one of the tapes. So I listened to the tape of the 7", loved it, and by the time they came back I knew the songs. I may be mistaken, but I do believe that this is a Scummified first, as I've tried to find these mp3's online but the only ones I could find are tracks from their split 7" with Witch Hunt, so this could be the only place to find these online. After Deathbag split up, their guitarist/vocalist and drummer switched instruments (to bass and guitar respectively) and started No Fucker, who released two 7" and two splits with Disclose before calling it a day. I'm biased in that I think these dudes can do no wrong. This record is killer, fast, raw, and they even cover Raw Power's "Fuck Authority", cowbell and all. Lyrics are included in the file.
A note on the mp3's: these were made from a tape of the 7", since I can convert tapes but not records...I think it adds to the rawness. I highly encourage all regular readers of this blog, if there are any, to get this. It is one of my favorite records that I own, and if you like fast punk rock at all then please check this out.

P.S. - Jesse; I told you it would be up here one day!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Plan 9 - '98 Demo

Here's the story:
In middle school I started listening to punk rock and getting into the whole subculture of it. I started a shitty band in 8th grade, we played 2 shows in our year and a half existence(?) and called it quits. This was around the time I started high school, where I met two older dudes (they could drive!) who were into Misfits/Danzig, Motorhead, Black Flag, was natural that we start a band.
Plan 9 was born.
The initial incarnation was David Stacy on vocals, Daniel Dyck on guitars (it's pronounced like LIKE), yours truly on bass, and 12 year old drummer Marcus Durham. We learned some Misfits and Queers songs, wrote some originals, and generally pissed off Marcus' parents. I do believe that his mother to this day still dislikes me for purposefully setting my hand on fire in her living room, but that's besides the point. We would practice in his garage, the covers of songs were horrible (whole solo part of "Some Kinda Hate" missing, I recall), and the originals, while not rousing punk anthems by any means, were at least better than the Korn/Deftones spew that almost every other band in this area was playing at this time. We played some good shows, the first time I ever played a show out of state was with this band (and there's a tape of this but you'll never hear it), and we were young punks having fun, starting trouble, and playing shitty music. Which brings me to this tape. What you are about to hear is our ONLY recorded output, a two song demo tape that cost us $475 to record. It was released by us in very small quantities, I think only about 25-30 tapes were made. We gave them out at shows, to friends, put some on consignment in local music stores, and they all disappeared. Even I had lost my copy of it, the original master tape (but I still have the actual reel it was recorded on).......
I thought that this tape was lost to me forever.
Then a record store re-opened in Johnson City over a year ago, and a friend of mine who worked there was going through tapes from the old store, when lo and behold, there it was, one of the copies I took to them on consignment. It was given to Marcus, but since he was not on this recording (a drummer by the name of Danny Roberts is), he gave it to me, and now here it is, for you, the lost Plan 9 demo. Two tracks in under 4 minutes, very simple punk.

I thought about waxing poetic about this and the dreams of my youth and punk rock aspirations and so forth, but decided against it. It's just two damn songs of mid tempo teenage aggression fueled punk rock. So this post is for David S., Daniel D., Marcus D., Danny R., Sarah E. from Las Vegas who played 2nd guitar for us for a little while, I hope you're doing great in whatever direction life has put you in, and for all those who were around at this time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Herpes - Demo

Here is an as yet unreleased demo by a new band called Herpes, featuring ex members of No Fucker and Atom Age and it is 6 songs that absolutely shred. Total raw punk that has already kicked my ass, and it will probably kick your ass also. This isn't even out yet, so there's no artwork for it, just 6 tracks of raw fucking punk, one a cover of Poison Idea's "Pure Hate". So check this out, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it whenever it actually comes out. I fully support any band that my buddy Jesse is in, and so should you.