Friday, June 10, 2011

Deathbag 7"

Here is a record that I've wanted to post since the beginning of this blog, and now I finally can. Here is the only 7" by Deathbag, six tracks of Discharge/Raw Power influenced punk rock. These guys played our old house twice, the first time we had heard the demo (it'll be up here soon), the second time Jesse, their drummer, sent me a package of tapes and there was this on one of the tapes. So I listened to the tape of the 7", loved it, and by the time they came back I knew the songs. I may be mistaken, but I do believe that this is a Scummified first, as I've tried to find these mp3's online but the only ones I could find are tracks from their split 7" with Witch Hunt, so this could be the only place to find these online. After Deathbag split up, their guitarist/vocalist and drummer switched instruments (to bass and guitar respectively) and started No Fucker, who released two 7" and two splits with Disclose before calling it a day. I'm biased in that I think these dudes can do no wrong. This record is killer, fast, raw, and they even cover Raw Power's "Fuck Authority", cowbell and all. Lyrics are included in the file.
A note on the mp3's: these were made from a tape of the 7", since I can convert tapes but not records...I think it adds to the rawness. I highly encourage all regular readers of this blog, if there are any, to get this. It is one of my favorite records that I own, and if you like fast punk rock at all then please check this out.

P.S. - Jesse; I told you it would be up here one day!!


  1. Actually, No Fucker was everyone in deathbag to start, then we kicked Ryan out (RIP). I played drums for several years until John cut several of his fingers off at work, then I switched to guitar and he just sang for awhile. After our last bass player (one of several) disappeared, Johnny just "played" bass in No fucker. He really didn't play, he would just hit open strings and do slides...haha.

  2. well, there you have it. the official deathbag/no fucker history.