Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dementia - "Recuperate From Reality"

After nothing but regional punk and metal bands, I decided it was again time to post some unheard (and potentially cheesy) metal, so here is the only release from Dementia, who, according to the metal archives, are either from Wisconsin or Chicago, so you can take your pick on that one. One look at that cover should tell you what you're in for. Musically this is nothing life changing, it's early 90's thrash metal, mostly mid-tempo, but there are some moments of speed to be found on here, like the last track, "Say Your Prayers". In truth, there are some pretty excellent riffs and some long songs on this album, which, again, according to the metal archives, had very bad distribution in america and "remains a rare treat".(I found this cd at a used bookstore for a dollar, and recently saw a still sealed copy of it in a record store in Richlands, Virginia!) The only gripe I have is with the vocals. Sometimes they are annoying as hell, and other times they fit the mood of the song well. If you are expecting total balls to the wall thrash then you might be disappointed with this album, but if you are a metal fan and want to hear something you might never have heard before then give it a try.

Dementia - "Recuperate From Reality"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Manic Scum - "Better Left Undead"

From the hills and polluted industrial wastelands of northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia comes the debut ep from Manic Scum. Stalwart watchers of this blog may recall hearing these songs before, and you would be right. Manic Scum was started by Alex Depew and Neal Williams, who both were in Mental Shock with Dave Killebrew and myself, where these songs originated. Truth be told, the songs "Blood Junkies", and "Haunt Of Fear" were both written by me, and I also wrote the music to "Entombed For Eternity". The songs pretty much are the same as the older, very grimly produced (ok, no production at all) versions, which can be found here. If you already enjoy the Mental Shock versions of these songs, however, you will find subtle little changes in the executions of riffs, drum patterns, etc, and as a collaborator on these songs I have to admit that these versions are THE representations of how sick the M.S. stuff could have been. The recording is very brutal, everything is in your face and waiting to rip it off.  Fans of bands like Repulsion, Napalm Death, Autopsy, and most grind/death freaks will find something to like in these 11 and a half minutes.

Give Them Lead!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Globsters - "Rock And Roll Misery" 7"

Adam Brewer is back, and if you missed him on his recent mini-tour, then don't fear, because here is his newest record, the appropriately titled  "Rock And Roll Misery" ep. This could be the ultimate Globsters release, the songs are short, catchy, and a bit more vicious and in your face. Includes the soon to be classics "Ultimate Beefcake" and "Freddy Krueger". It is my opinion that the song "Deny The Belief" may be the greatest Globsters song ever, just check out these lyrics:

"Deny the belief of a christian god/just like king diamond did/deny the belief of a christian god/just like kevin sullivan did/every time god shows his face i kill myself with dope"

Any song that mentions King Diamond, Kevin Sullivan, and rips off a Mutiilation line gets my vote. Anyways, this rip has full scans and all that jazz, and if you like it, buy it!

Globsters - "Rock And Roll Misery" 7"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Below - "St. Anthony's Fire"

Here is some ultra-crushing doom, once again from the hills of Kentucky, and this one is some heavy shit indeed, my friends. I saw them and Tombstalker at the Hideaway a couple of weeks back and they absolutely destroyed everything. These three guys, excellent chaps all around, lay waste to these four tracks, including a Saint Vitus cover, and any fan of bands like Noothgrush, Sleep, etc, would be wise to check this out. Did I mention that this is almost an hour long? Get real stoned for this one. I know I did.

Below - "St. Anthony's Fire"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Samurai John - "Integrity" EP

I'm delving way back into the local and regional archives for this post, folks. If you are from around the area I live and were into punk rock/hardcore or just going to shows in the mid-late 90's, there might be a chance that you remember Samurai John. If that name doesn't ring a bell, perhaps you'll remember Truth Be Known, the band that S.J. evolved into after releasing this tape, the "Integrity" e.p. This is six tracks of melodic, sing along hardcore with a slight Pennywise feel to it, and even if upon reading that sentence you don't want to check it out, you really should check it out and think to yourself that this is from Norton, Virginia, in the mid-nineties, and think about what a small, enclosed little town that is and think that a band like that could exist there. I have been to Norton many a time, and it boggles my mind. When asked about his reminiscences of Samurai John, vocalist Steve Shell, who is currently in a band called JUST DIE!, had this to say:

"SJ was a band that was all about doing the best it could given where it was from. With literally zero local influences, we wanted to be Pennywise and a few other bands pretty bad. We probably took ourselves way too seriously, but it was fun."

And in the end, why else would you be making music in the first place? Listening to this while I was ripping it was the first time I had heard it in almost 14 years, and I'm willing to bet there are those out there who haven't even thought of this band in that long. And for those of you just stumbling upon it for the first time, check it out. It's nothing life changing, but a great example of what the TN/VA/KY regional scene was like in the mid-late 90's. The tape insert is included with the file.

In case you were wondering why they chose the name Samurai John, well....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mannequin Hollowcaust - "Over Her Dead Body"

Mannequin Hollowcaust is my good friend Patrik, who has been involved in various local musical endeavors over the years, and this tape is a short little two song excursion into his world: noise, cults, serial killers, and just plain scariness. Track one is the title track, and it was recorded on July 27th, 2010, on the grave of Lizzie Borden, in Fall River, Massachusetts. Track two was recorded live in Blacksburg, Virginia, during the same tour. Patrik has been gigging under the M.H. moniker for a while now and sometimes I don't think he gets enough respect and credit where credit is due, but the dude is a staple of whatever little "scene" this area may have, and I intend to give him props. This tape was released by his own tape label, Head Destroyer Tapes. Hopefully sometime soon he will bequeath me a motherload of M.H. and other stuff, which I will then gladly share with you. If you are interested in older bands he was associated with, go here, as both bands in that post feature Patrik. If you like what you hear I'm sure he wouldn't mind you letting him know, and his contact info is included in the .rar file.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Asadachi - February 2011 Demo

After months of weird weather, work, inactive social interaction, and spurious internet activity, I am back with the Asadachi demo, as promised. Asadachi are a four piece punk band from Lexington, KY, and while I have yet to see these guys rip shit up live, if this tape is any indication of their live set, then I bet they kill. This tape is 4 songs in just under 7 minutes, and the mp3 is one track with no divisions between tracks...I think it sounds better that way. cover and lyric scans are also included.