Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Globsters - "Rock And Roll Misery" 7"

Adam Brewer is back, and if you missed him on his recent mini-tour, then don't fear, because here is his newest record, the appropriately titled  "Rock And Roll Misery" ep. This could be the ultimate Globsters release, the songs are short, catchy, and a bit more vicious and in your face. Includes the soon to be classics "Ultimate Beefcake" and "Freddy Krueger". It is my opinion that the song "Deny The Belief" may be the greatest Globsters song ever, just check out these lyrics:

"Deny the belief of a christian god/just like king diamond did/deny the belief of a christian god/just like kevin sullivan did/every time god shows his face i kill myself with dope"

Any song that mentions King Diamond, Kevin Sullivan, and rips off a Mutiilation line gets my vote. Anyways, this rip has full scans and all that jazz, and if you like it, buy it!

Globsters - "Rock And Roll Misery" 7"


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