Friday, May 18, 2012

Manic Scum - "Better Left Undead"

From the hills and polluted industrial wastelands of northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia comes the debut ep from Manic Scum. Stalwart watchers of this blog may recall hearing these songs before, and you would be right. Manic Scum was started by Alex Depew and Neal Williams, who both were in Mental Shock with Dave Killebrew and myself, where these songs originated. Truth be told, the songs "Blood Junkies", and "Haunt Of Fear" were both written by me, and I also wrote the music to "Entombed For Eternity". The songs pretty much are the same as the older, very grimly produced (ok, no production at all) versions, which can be found here. If you already enjoy the Mental Shock versions of these songs, however, you will find subtle little changes in the executions of riffs, drum patterns, etc, and as a collaborator on these songs I have to admit that these versions are THE representations of how sick the M.S. stuff could have been. The recording is very brutal, everything is in your face and waiting to rip it off.  Fans of bands like Repulsion, Napalm Death, Autopsy, and most grind/death freaks will find something to like in these 11 and a half minutes.

Give Them Lead!


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