Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Asadachi - February 2011 Demo

After months of weird weather, work, inactive social interaction, and spurious internet activity, I am back with the Asadachi demo, as promised. Asadachi are a four piece punk band from Lexington, KY, and while I have yet to see these guys rip shit up live, if this tape is any indication of their live set, then I bet they kill. This tape is 4 songs in just under 7 minutes, and the mp3 is one track with no divisions between tracks...I think it sounds better that way. cover and lyric scans are also included.


  1. THE RETURN OF THE SCUM! Welcome back my friend :)

  2. thanks buddy! glad yr still checking it out!

  3. If you're wondering what the name "Asadachi" means, it's Japanese for "morning wood"!