Thursday, July 30, 2009

sorry i haven't posted in a while, work has been kicking my ass and i haven't had anything interesting to say. i did pick up the 25th anniversary 2 disc set of Suspiria used the other day for real cheap and that was cool, and lindsay and i got on a huge Heroes kick so we've been watching that. currently i've been listening to a lot of Gauze, Axegrinder, B.G.K., Anatomi 71, Unanimated, Goblin (as always), and more.

sometime in the near future i'll be posting RARE music from some unheard or forgotten regional bands. "what will you post?" i hear you about these:
-Apocalyptic Urinal & Carmalita Split Tape
-The Goddamn Blue Ribbon "demo"
-maybe the long lost Plan 9 demo

and more, so don't be a fucknut, keep coming back and LEAVE SOME GODDAMN COMMENTS!!


  1. Saw a Robocop lucha mask the other day, though of you.

  2. hell yes, thats fucking awesome. i wanna see it.

  3. It's marked down, but after shipping it's still over $100

  4. Get on with the GBR demo postin.