Thursday, July 16, 2009

no more songs on my jukebox heart....

Hadaka Matsuri was a band that i was involved in for a little over 2 years. it was me and two of my closest friends, playing what would be called "emotional hardcore" (but to us was just hardcore, because in truth shouldn't all music have some sort of emotional resonance?), touring halfway across this great country of ours, breaking hearts and dropping jaws wherever we went. we formed in august of 2002, toured between April 26th 2003 - June 4th 2003, played some awesome shows with some fucking awesome bands (ten grand, brazilia, fuerza x, asshole parade, funeral diner, yaphet kotto, facedowninshit, others), met a lot of awesome people (tess fox, our ft. wayne contact, where are you now?), slept on a lot of porches, played a lot of basements, etc. we self recorded/produced/released 150 of these little bastards, the Four Track Demonstration. the first 150 we made were those little 3'' cds in plastic cases with a fold out insert and back, derek, and j.d. kept one each and sold the rest on tour. well, the thing with these 150 is that we fucked up during the, uh, mixing process (yeah right, there was none) and the songs only come out mono, no matter what you play it on. eventually when we were gonna tour again in Oct. '04 we repressed the cd in a full size disc without the fold out insert, just a one sided insert with our name, contact info, and track listing, but it came out both speakers this time.

we also made some shirts up that none of us have now, heres what one looks like if you happen to see it at goodwill or something:

Touring was insanity for me. It was the first time I had left the south, the farthest I've ever been away from home, and i was doing it with no money to my name and in the company of my closest friends in a beat up '84 Ford Econoline with no wind-shield wipers (oklahoma is scary as shit with no windshield wipers ), an oil leak, and bad alternator problems we would come to find out..... After tour was over and we got back to Tennessee (in reality we got stranded in Oberlin, Ohio the last 2 weeks of tour and thats a whole other mess of bullshit to get into) we all kinda went our different ways, Derek moved back to KY, J.D. moved to Oberlin, and I stayed here, joined Assgasm, yadda yadda yadda...the last show we played was in Asheville, NC with Shitstorm and Asshole Parade in August 2005 .

In our short existence we did more than I've ever done with any other band I've ever been in. Hadaka Matsuri was everything I got into punk rock for, meeting new people with the same interests, not feeling like an outcast, being with my friends and playing music with them, doing things our way and by ourself with no pretensions of monetary gain or fame or anything, just doing it because it had to be done and we had to do it.

On tour our "roadie/spiritual guidance" was one mr. zach saunders, who really helped me out during the rough stretches, and whose constant enthusiasm for our music and for just fucking getting out there and doing it was goddamn infectious. words cannot thank him enough.

R.I.P. Vanowar. Gone, but never forgotten.

here is the flyer for our first show ever:

these are the only known pictures of us:

here is the demo in its entirety with full cover scans, bring a tissue.


  1. touring rules. that's it. the brief account of your '03 jaunt could just as easily be my account of my first one in...well, before that. except the Econoline was a 1980, and it was leaking carbon monoxide instead of oil. details.
    thanks for the demo, and now, more unsung southern shits please!

  2. doug, the link to the d/l doesn't work! I never had a copy of this on the computer b/c I was afraid that annoying little CD would jam things up or something

  3. hey doug.
    i was in a band called movement 3 from somerset,ky. we played you guys at the library in whitesburg. it was alotta fun and you all were was nice knowing some other kids were doing the whole emotive hardcore thing in the southern ky/tn region.

  4. I had no idea that you played with Ten Grand