Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nekromantik 2 Soundtrack

Aesop over at the excellent Cosmic Hearse posted the soundtrack to the first Nekromantik a while back so I figured I would share the wealth with you all on this, the score to Nekromantik 2. this was ripped by me, complete with all interior cd artwork. this was not taken from another blog!
so the deal with this was I bought it used for really cheap and was fucking stunned to even see it. doing a quick google search for it didn't yield too much information, apparently the label it was released on, Debil Entertainment, was pretty much a video distribution company maybe started by Buttgereit(?) to release his and others films, and apparently this was the only CD they released. that's all i could find out. regardless of rarity, if you've seen the movie, you know what to expect. this is one of those soundtracks like Riz Ortolani's Cannibal Holocaust score, so hauntingly beautiful and at times serene, and totally at odds with what you see on screen.

Get it here:

UPDATE: Aesop also posted this soundtrack a while back too but I'm fucking stupid and went ahead and ripped it anyways....damn he's good.


  1. thank you so much i didn't knew this actually existed, by the way i've been looking for the scelette delicieux lyrics but haven't found anything do you have it?

    thanks for sharing man

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  2. nope, don't have them...sorry. thanks for commenting!

  3. gracias por comprtirlo lo andava buscando, la pelicula no me gusto mucho pero si la musica de fondo Saludos

    Thanks for sharing body

  4. Tu aperçois le squelette délicieux
    Tu t'aperçois tes morts désirs
    L'heure est venue de déguster
    Ce que tu as fait de délires

    Le monde ne connaîtra jamais
    Des fruits si ténébreux
    Morbides et voluptueux
    La mort seule peut me présenter
    Tes cadeaux
    Quant à l'amour,
    La peau détruite, l'haleine pourrie
    Font le bonheur
    De mes jours
    De mes jours

  5. la pelicula es exelente, la muchacha es una belleza, y la musica es perturbadora y a la vez es dulce y romantico contrario con sus ecenas