Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Assgasm was my old punk band, we existed from '05 until early '07 and then drugs broke up the band. which sucks to admit, but it's the truth. we played a handful of good shows and bad ones, recorded some shitty rehearsal tapes, smoked a lot of weed and drank a lot. this recording is our final recording, done in one take on my analog 4 track with one microphone for everything, vocals, guitar, bass and drums. no apologies for the quality, besides, it's punk fucking rock and all my favorite punk albums arent overblown juggernauts of production, they're simple, heartfelt, and usually vicious. which was what i strove for in assgasm anyways.

special thanks to "seal the deal" neal for taking my tape of this and converting it into glorious mp3 format.

so check this out, if you like it, leave comments. hell, if you don't like it, leave comments, i'm not picky.

download it here!

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  1. Awesome earmelting music, thanks for not using rapidshit, takes forever to d/l anything.