Monday, July 20, 2009

sunday night post

so over the weekend lindsay and i got a shitload of new comics and dvds and soon, hopefully, there will be some reviews of them.
some short reviews:

Blackest Night #1
If you've been following the events in recent green lantern issues you'll know what's up. simply put, this is the best superhero comic i've read this month. the black lantern corps has risen, and no flesh shall be spared. surprisingly brutal and violent. get it before it goes into second and third printings, its gonna be hot!

Creepy #1
Dark Horse brings back this beloved horror title with great results. a thick 48 pager with no adds and talent like alex toth(!), eric powell, angelo torres, and berni wrightson (!!!!). definantly get on board for this. dear uncle creepy, it's been years......

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #1
Philip K. Dick's classic novel, the inspiration for the film Blade Runner, is presented in its entirety in graphic format. not a line of the original novel is taken out, all with stellar artwork. hopefully it will bring all sorts of new fans to this man's work. features an essay about P.K.D. by Warren Ellis, which is quite insightful. i never knew that P.K.D. tried to rat out other sf writers, crazy.

also got the dvd release of Dario Argento's "Four Flies On Grey Velvet" which I haven't gotten around to watching yet. I used to have a badly recorded and dubbed version on vhs, but the picture quality was so bad it was unwatchable. can't wait to see his "lost film" remastered. I'll let you know what it's all about soon.

i enjoyed my sunday off work today. it'll probably be the last one i have for a long time.


  1. I a group of people in my local comic store were talking about Green Lantern being the greatest stuff in comics nowadays. Those guys are DC worshippers anyway. I was kind of a Marvel/Image guy so I never bothered about those people.

    Honestly, is Green Lantern nowadays actually as good as those jerks say? At least I can ask you without being called "The kid who lost his Marvels (a play on lost his marbles)."

  2. yes, green lantern and green lantern corps are always at the top of my must read list every month when they come out. i am more of a DC fan than a marvel or image fan (i read about 2-3 marvel titles a month, which are amazing spiderman and thor, and am currently only getting one image title, "the strange adventures of h.p. lovecraft") so i might be a little biased, but lately marvel just hasn't been doing it for me. i'm still pissed about the spiderman "one more day" bullshit.

    but honestly, i think Green Lantern books are great, and i really do look forward to reading them every month.

  3. Blackest Night is super bad ass .That was the talk at comic con this year people were going crazy over the figure