Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fall Of Leningrad

Fall Of Leningrad were a 3 piece hardcore band from Andover, MA who existed in the late 90's. they play screamy political hardcore and all they released was a split cd with Incoming and a split 7'' with Force Fed Glass, which happens to be the only thing that comes up if you type fall of leningrad hardcore band or whatever in google. this compilation is everything they released , the 7 tracks from the cd and the 2 tracks from the 7'' (as one mp3).

any information about this band is wanted. they played in Johnson City, TN twice in the late 90's, and me, ryan and justin(bassist and guitarist) were friends for a while, then we just lost contact. dudes, if your out there, please get up with me, it's been a long time!


  1. what's up doug? thanks a mil for throwing this stuff up online, its been about 10 years since i've heard it and close to the same since i last talked to you. mike (leningrad drummer) and i ended up starting another band with members of force fed glass, prevail, and puritian called hassan i sabbah try and check that out sometime. mike also just finished touring with earth crisis - how times have changed.

  2. ryan, i'm glad that you're doing good...if you have AIM, my name is still the same as it was in the old days. it would be good to hear from you!