Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yog Sothoth - "Alien Tongues" Demo 2010

Yog Sothoth is my black metal project. i posted the first demo from 2006 here last year. here is the new one. this one is just guitar, drums, and vocals, no overdubs, all "live", one take, direct to tape. it is 6 tracks of appalachian black metal inspired by Darkthrone, Ulver, Mutiilation, and of course, the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. I'm actually quite proud of how this tape turned out.

it is available from me, with packaging(tape cover above), on tape or cd-r. if you would like one, please contact me.

a big thank you to Adam Brewer, he of Globsters fame, for converting this tape into a digital format. i prefer the tape, but maybe thats just me.


  1. Excellent, good to see this finally make it up. Thanks you again for the maddening ululations.

  2. just doing my part to keep the mythos alive..

  3. Hey Doug, only just took a good look around your blog tonight and it rules. Didn't realise you were as into horror/SF as you are. Got some great records on here too. Just grabbed both from Gauze. Linking to you at mine now, keep up the good work...

  4. I saw your comment at Illogical Contraption. Just to clear up some possible confusion, I'm a writer there, but not administrator so I can't link you there. I meant above that I'd linked you at my horror blog Unflinching Eye. If you wanna be linked at IllCon, you'll have to hit up Cobras. thanks

  5. Hey man, I did a review of this demo here...

    Check it out... Gave your blog and Aesop some props as well.