Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hellhammer - "Apocalyptic Raids"

If you don't know who this is, then there is really no hope for you. One of the first black metal bands, they eventually turned into the legendary Celtic Frost, and released albums throughout the 80's, until their last album, 2006's doomy, ultra heavy "Monotheist". However, we're not talking about what Hellhammer became, we're talking about what they were on this recording, which is 6 tracks of primitive power chord black metal that never gets too fast, like modern black metal, but is still evil and always great. includes the 9+ minute "Triumph Of Death".

How much do we at casa scummified like Hellhammer? we named our oldest cat after this band. here's a picture of me and him:

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  1. funny, my cat's name is Dead and he looks just like that. They should start a Mayhem cover band. Now where did that guitarist run off to?