Monday, October 26, 2009


Tenebre, also called "Unsane" in the U.S. during its initial release, is a 1982 film directed by Dario Argento, starring Anthony Franciosa, Daria Nicolodi, and the almighty John Saxon. It tells the story of a novelist who comes to Rome to promote his newest novel when a series of murders take place that are very reminiscent of the murders in his book. It is, above all else, classic Argento. Bloody, twisty, and has a great, perfect horror film ending.
This soundtrack is by Goblin, but is officially credited to Simonetti, Morante, & Pignatelli, who are considered 3 of the "founding fathers" of Goblin anyways. I think this soundtrack is excellent. some people prefer the classic Goblin sound (deep red, suspiria[coming soon!]), but this is also just as good. i mean, c'mon, it's fucking Goblin.

Goblin - Tenebre (1982)


  1. my favorite!!!
    it has grown on me.

  2. i'll be damned.
    is tenebre yr favorite argento movie?

  3. picking a favorite is really hard. i don't know that i would say it's my favorite argento movie. top 3 though no doubt.