Thursday, October 1, 2009

Econochrist - Trained To Serve

Last night after I got off work all i wanted to do was smoke and listen to some good punk that I hadn't heard in a while. admittedly my lp collection is not very punk heavy (alot of classic rock) but i do have some good ones, this lp being one of them. So i broke it out, put it on, and quickly realized something i had almost forgotten, and that is that Econochrist are awesome, and I think this lp is them at their best. if you haven't heard it, check it out. this album is still available on the 2 disc Econochrist discography released by Ebullition, the only thing is Ebullition only accepts orders of $100 or more, but theres some good stuff on the site at wholesale prices, so start saving. in the meantime, give this some listens.

every steps a struggle unless you bow down and serve the goddamn bastards

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  1. Ah yes, one of my favorites since it first came out!