Saturday, September 26, 2009


Finally, The Goddamn Blue Ribbon tape is here.

The Goddamn Blue Ribbon was the 536 Lenoir House's drunken party band, compromised of derek on vocals and guitar, austin on bass and backing vocals, and me on drums. it was influenced heavily by hickey, husker du, alcohol, weed, and just plain scuzziness. A typical GDBR show would go something like this: we'd get drunk as piss hours before the show, watch the other bands play, still drunk, watch everyone else get wasted, then by the time we played we were all shitfaced and so was a good majority of the people watching us, so everyone had fun. one show in particular was captured on video for posterity, and i've only seen it once, but a song into it someone knocks the camera on the side and you can't see shit, especially after someone punches the kitchen light out right at the beginning of Rod Stewart's timeless "Maggie May". Another show i remember being so drunk that i couldn't even see straight, much less play. people falling over my drum set, grabbing the cymbal stands and dancing with them while i played, drunken insanity. the last show at the lenoir house we played a drunken, acoustic set where all i did was play a snare with my hands and i couldn't make a fist for days. if you were present during the lenoir days and you have stories about the goddamn blue ribbon, please share them because we were probably too drunk to remember them.

So let's see...drunken, rowdy, hickey influenced punk rock that covers Rod Stewart AND Devo? what's not to love?

this post was a long time in the making, and again a big thanks goes to Neal, who once again definitely sealed the deal.

So download, start drinking, and listen to the long lost, never heard Goddamn Blue Ribbon 2003 Demo.

EDIT - 6/12/11: Yesterday, our good friend Austin left this world. It's a goddamn shame and i can't even begin to explain how i feel. You will be missed, my brother.


  1. i look forward to the shittalking on this tape cause i know it's there.

    is that picture from when i had to play my way out of kingsport like leadbelly played his way out of prison.

  2. that picture is from where we played at that girl's house...our last show?

  3. Hey man I started a blog and and was wondering how I put your blong on there is a link so people check this rad fucking blog out

  4. that's right. i think. cause when we tried to play the reunion show the cops busted it before we played.

  5. wait, was that the show at the sullivan gardens house?
    how do you like hearing these for the first time derek?