Thursday, September 10, 2009

Humanicide - Dark Lord Mosh Attack CD

Here's Greensboro, North Carolina's Humanicide, a crust as fuck band featuring members of Blacken The Skies, P.C.Penis, and more. At one point in time Derek from Hadaka Matsuri was in this band but I'm pretty sure he's not on this cd...although he does get credited. Humanicide pretty much lived at the Cedar St. House in Greensboro, and many a chaotic show happened there. anyways, this isn't the best tagged post ever, i'll warn you now. there was no track listing printed with the cd, but there was a full insert which i've scanned to help you name the songs, if you so choose. i thought about doing it, but it's pretty fucking impossible.


  1. burn the cathedrals, priests and nuns must pay,
    88 fingerpoint sessions turn crosses upside down,
    baptistery full of blood,
    dark lord mosh attack

    that song is about youth crew hardcore and burzum. not as the same subject but rather a philosphy

  2. i'd like to know what the philosophy of not putting a track listing is all about...maybe you can help?

  3. that recording (after seeing the packaging jd had it in) was produced for when we were going to play shows somewhere. i can't even remember. the short answer is that we did lots of drugs.