Sunday, September 6, 2009

Punchin' Judy - Regional Hardcore Legends.

You know, I've spent the past hour writing and re-writing this little introduction to a band that, if you live around here, should need no introduction. i tried to get my personal life caught up in telling about this band and realized i couldn't do that, because my personal life has nothing to do with this band, and vice-versa.

suffice to say, the first time i saw Punchin' Judy was one of the more violent local shows i can remember. actually, a lot of times i saw P.J. things seemed to get a little out of control. why was that? because, simply put, they were probably the best southern rock influenced new york hardcore band from bristol ever. they would start playing, they would be so loud, people would start slamming into each other and the walls...goddamn. they would play forever too, never letting up on any energy.
i saw them numerous times in kingsport and johnson city during '97-'99, and every time i almost got my ass stomped in a pit. at one point, during the first time i saw them, singer Jef Roberts asked the crowd to catch him when he jumped off the stage. when he jumped, his left foot, encased in size 12 steel-toed Doc Martens came crashing into the right side of my skull, almost blacking my eye and definantly hurting. i staggered but somehow kept going. later on i told him and we was very apologetic, and all i could say was "no problem!". Patrick, the bassist, worked at Back Door Records in Johnson City (which is sadly sadly missed) and was a font of information for all sorts of music. Rick, the guitarist, was an all around good guy who played fucking fierce and looked like he'd kick your ass at any time...the drummer, Scott, i never really talked to, but goddamn was he good.

Sadly, last year Jef was taken from us. He's left behind a regional music legacy that cannot be denied, and cannot be forgotten. Punchin' Judy, for a time, were the undisputed kings of Northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia Punk AND Metal..listen to these and you'll see why.

Punchin' Judy - "S/T" (1991?)

Punchin Judy - "Figure IV" CD (1998)

Punchin' Judy - "The Heel Sessions" E.P. (1998)

the picture above is from Punchin' Judy's Myspace page, which is full of good photos.

big thanks to my buddy Ben who ripped the "figure IV" cd at a whopping 320k! that one is a monster people, be warned. also thanks to Keenan, who lives all the way in Pittsburgh, for sending me copies of the s/t first album and the heel sessions ep, which was the first punchin' judy i ever owned. thanks for the help guys!


  1. Great post! I love these guys. ~Jef will be missed~ Now, they're practically legendary in the Tri-cities, these guys were insane at AnyFest (a memorial for Jef). Rick took vox, along with various other guests & P.J. alumni. What a send off!

  2. All the links are dead now. This is the only site where those albums could be found. I guess it is time to forget this band. All things must pass... sigh

  3. One year ago today was the last post to this blog, May 22, 2012. I guess that means there is no hope for any of these albums to be reposted. I guess we can bury both the band and this blog too. R.I.P.