Friday, October 16, 2009

The Return Of The Living Dead

I know halloween is still 2 weeks away but you know what, fuck it. start the celebrations early with this, easily one of the best soundtracks to one of the best zombie movies ever. i've had this cd since i was 13, buying it for 2 dollars at a pawn shop. i hadn't seen the movie yet, just the case at the video store, but i was already getting into bands like the misfits and such, and this soundtrack opened the door to all sorts of other bands to me. and then i finally watched the movie and it was everything a young punk could want...punks, zombies, gore, ruled, and it rules to this day. this cd was ripped by me at 128kbps, with full scans and an extra track, the theme song not included on the original release.
happy halloween, early.


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