Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feces For Warpaint - You Can't Polish A Turd Demo

Here's a cd-r demo i've been wanting to post for a while, hell, i've been wanting to listen to it for a while. i had misplaced it in a friends cd book years ago unknowingly and thought it long lost, but here it is, for all of you to enjoy. i really don't know much about this band, i saw them once in Asheville in 2003 and got this cd there and promptly never heard of them again. i do know it features ex- face down in shit members, they sound like they worship at the altar of "Animosity" era Corrosion Of Conformity at times, and that there are a few live photos of them but next to no information on them anywhere.


  1. Killer demo, it's a shame they never put out a 7"

  2. i don't even know if they released anything after this or not.....anyone got any info?