Thursday, October 1, 2009

Koro - 7''

Where would the Northeast Tennessee Punk Rock "scene" be without this, the best punk record to ever come out of TN, and arguably one of the greatest punk records to come from anywhere, ever. Just imagine, you, living in northeast tn in the early 80's and walking into a bar or somewhere in knoxville and seeing these 5 dudes destroying the place with their fast, tight, and absolutely awesome hardcore assault. jesus christ, what a band. this ep and the "speed kills" 12" are still available from Sorry State Records so i suggest using yr hard earned money to get them. until then, ladies and gentlemen, i give you without further ado, the 40th post on Scummified, a total legendary classic, and a natural inclusion to the Northeast Tennessee Punk And Metal Archives, the Koro "700 Club" 7" E.P.


  1. I love this record so much. I would even go as far to say it's +void+ like or +Void+esque. it's just as off- kilter and apeshit crazy.

    I wish there were more pics of them so I could find out what kind of equipment they used.

  2. yeah, that's the only picture i've ever seen of them.

  3. I guess it just adds to the mystery.