Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mauser - "End Of The Line" 7"

Man, I have been seriously neglecting this blog. I do intend to make up for it though, starting...................now.

Two days ago we here at the House Of Scummified (that would be me and my lady friend Lindsay) received a package from our friend Josh May. Josh runs the fledgling record label called Karmic Swamp, who did not release this record, but has released some mighty fine records by bands like Veloz and The Men. When this package came it was a mix of black metal records and punk records, but this record blew me away.

Mauser hail from Gainesville, Florida, and this 7" is six tracks of raging hardcore in the spirit of your favorite scandinavian d-beat greats, but theres something else about this that just gets me. Maybe its the pissed lyrics, maybe it's the great drum sound (the rolls sound like fucking machine gun fire), maybe it's the fact that this record just flat out KILLS. I highly recommend this record for those who like furious, assaulting punk rock. I hope these guys play around here sometime, I'm sure they rip shit up live. This record is available from Vinyl Rites and once again, I seriously recommend it. Until you can save up money to get a legit copy, get it now, and get blown away. Then, support this band!


  1. Fuck, this is BLISTERING! Balls = shredded.

  2. i have been wearing this record out...everyone who's heard it has has their balls shredded also.