Monday, February 28, 2011

All - "Allroy For Prez"

The Descendents are one of my all time favorite bands. Their music got me through some rough times. They are truly one of the greatest bands to walk this Earth, and I will forever love their music. That being said, ALL is, as you may know, the Descendents, minus Milo. The fact is this though: ALL is a criminally overlooked and under-rated band. Sure, they get sneered at by most punks because of their overt sappiness, but this sappiness is within the confines of hook-laden, carefully crafted punk rock that will stick to the insides of your mind like the bubblegum it so wants to be like. This is their second release, an 8 song ep that is possibly the best thing they ever did. It features Dave Smalley (of D.Y.S./Dag Nasty fame) on vocals , Stephen Egerton on guitar, and the unstoppable duo of Karl Alvarez on bass and Bill Stevenson on drums. If I haven't said this before, I'll say it now...Bill Stevenson is the best punk drummer, ever. Standout tracks on this are "Skin Deep", "Wishing Well", and the great "Daveage".

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