Saturday, May 14, 2011

Funeral Oration - "The Godsend"

Here is an early demo by Funeral Oration, one of many absolutely killer bands from the Netherlands in the 80's (see also Larm, B.G.K., Gepopel, Mornington Crescent, etc). This demo finds them ripping through 15 tracks, slowing down only twice for some proto-death rock songs that don't suck. I recently got this on vinyl, it was apparently issued in that format by Neder Again Records, which I cannot find anything about online, but they also released live bootlegs by Larm and B.G.K., both of which I would love to hear, if anyone has these, let me know! After releasing this demo, F.O. released the amazing "Shadowland" EP, which I posted here last year, and the incredible "Communion" LP, which you can find all over the place, just look for it. This could be my favorite of all their releases though. In the 90's, they were signed to Hopeless Records, and they put out some albums on that label that, while good, were nowhere near as great as their early stuff. Sadly, in 2004, vocalist (and guitarist on this demo) Peter Zirschky passed away, but this music will live forever. In fact it's partly the vocals of the early Funeral Oration stuff that I like the most. They're gruff, yet emotional at the same time, which is a pretty apt description of the music on this release also. Enough of my yapping, just get it!

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