Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sarcófago - "Rotting"

Sarcófago should need no introduction, their brand of high speed metal with lyrics about satan, sex, and booze being a big influence on many bands, especially their first album, the classic "Inri". Here is "Rotting", their second full length, which is 6 tracks in 32 minutes. The first track is a throwaway 30 second intro of moaning called "The Lust", which should have just been incorporated into the first real song, the ripping "Alcoholic Coma", and who knows why it stands on its own, but it does. This album seems at first to be sloppily played, but really grew on me the more and more I listened to it. My CD copy of this does not have the original cover pictured above, just a black cover with a grey logo and the name of the album in red, but it does have an awesome but blurry picture of the band on the back of it:

Any band with "Sexual Maniac" jeans has got to be killer, right? Right. So, invert your crosses, put on your bullet belts, grab some booze, and turn this up fucking loud!


  1. Check out band from Belgrade,Serbia.
    Feel free to post it to your blog.