Monday, May 30, 2011

Bauhaus - "Mask"

Darkness and Light. Facades we all hide behind. Fear of the unknown, and joy in overcoming those fears. Night and day, good and evil. All these are phrases that I would use to describe the variety of emotions that Bauhaus put forth musically and lyrically on this album, their second and best. From the rousing opener "Hair of the Dog", to the funk laden "Dancing", experimental weirdness of "Of Lillies And Remains", utter atmospheric creepiness of "Hollow Hills" (every single time I hear Peter Murphy say "in fear of death/in fear of rot" it sends chills up my spine), and the absolutely phenomenal title track "Mask", which always sounds to me like the evils of the night fading back into shadows as the light comes out at the beginning of a new day, there really isn't a bad song on this album. This is easily one of the best albums ever. Here is the video they made for the title track, and it is entirely eerie:

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