Sunday, August 7, 2011

Desolate Anguish - "Trainwreck Sessions" Demo

Here is a six song demo from Desolate Anguish, a two piece black/doom/punk band from Knoxville. These dudes played with my band Hex Hammer last night in Johnson City, and I thought they were great. This is six tracks of primitive, dirgy, punk influenced black doom metal that (in my mind) brought comparisons to Hellhammer and early Graveland (without the NSBM connotations). These guys ripped it up last night. This is raw, nasty, grimy, filthy, repugnant, with no pretense of production, just hateful scraping guitar, torn throat vocals, and very punk drumming. I think it fucking rules. If these guys play around yr area, make sure to check them out. Visit their website and ask for a copy of this cd demo, they give them away for free.

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