Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Venom & Bathory Split LP

Here is a split record by two bands who need absolutely no introduction. What I know about this record is this: apparently it was made in South America, in a run of at least 300 copies, but I can't tell if mine is one of those or yet another bootleg of a bootleg. The copy I own is on clear green vinyl. It is 7 tracks by Venom, and 5 from Bathory. The Bathory side is my favorite, as it seems to draw demos from the early stages of Quorthon's reign. The first song sounds more like the viking metal they pioneered, while the 2nd track sounds like first album stuff, 3rd track sounds like "Blood Fire Death" era, etc, etc. The Venom side is equally as good, with what I'm guessing is demos from the first 2 albums. A huge reason why I love this record and am very glad to have it in my collection is the fact that it could be just about the most black metal record I own. Sure, I've got some Darkthrone/Ulver albums, but this is really like having the birth of the genre on one LP, as you have the band that coined the term Black Metal and the band that truly defines Black Metal sound and aesthetics to me.

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  1. Those Venom songs on this bootleg are from old singles, which are all brilliant. I can't recommend enough the first 4 albums, Resurrection from 2000 and The seven gates of hell singles 80-85 compilation. I've been a huge fan since 1985 and they still are my favorite black metal band along with Master's Hammer, Burzum and Beherit. Go and check them out live, 'cause they absolutely crush!