Monday, January 10, 2011

Vlad Tepes & Belketre - "March To The Black Holocaust" Split

Here is the Vlad Tepes & Belketre split album. Both bands were French black metal bands, part of the Les Légions Noires scene in the early-mid nineties, which also gave us bands such as Torgeist, Mutiilation, and Brenoritvrezorkre. This is a fantastic split, as both bands try to out distort and out-grim each other. The Vlad Tepes side is my favorite, just check the awesome 12 minute long "Drink The Poetry Of The Celtic Disciple" for proof. Not to say that the Belketre stuff isn't any less killer. Their contributions to this split are shrieked vocals, light speed drumming, nasty distorted guitar, and both bands have enough atmosphere for 20 other so called "true" black metal bands. Truly, a split release that remains undiminished with age, unrelenting and dark black metal from both of these bands.


  1. Killer shit. LLN stuff is fascinating.
    I love this blog, it's amazing.
    Do you have any more LLN? If you do would you happen to be planning on posting it any time soon? I wanna hear as much as I can it's that awesome
    Cheers buddy :)

  2. i have some LLN stuff, but let me recommend the great Cosmic Hearse blog. Theres quite a few LLN posts on that blog. I've thought about posting Mutiilation (them and Vlad Tepes are my facvorite LLN bands) but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  3. love this stuff. my two fave black legions bands. belketre is underrated as shit.

  4. Hey Doug, I am aware of the Hearse, it's amazing and I'm glad Aesop's returned haha. I have seen the LLN there but some of the links are on megaupload (which my computer can never seem to finish downloading :S or links are out of date)
    Thanks for the reply :)
    keep up the good blogging buddy

  5. Hey doug, any chance you can do some sci-fi ost's? Like Invasion of the Bee Girls?

  6. Awesome split. I was never interested in LLN shit until I read Aesop's blog.... The bands involved with that scene are some of the most varied I've ever heard in all black metal.