Friday, January 21, 2011

Unsane - "S/T"

Before MTV put their video for "Scrape" into heavy rotation, NY's kings of noise Unsane were just a dark, heavy, noise rock band with bloody album covers. While I'm not a fan of their current output, I hold this album and the "Singles 89-92" compilation in very high regards. This album is a wall of noisy, distorted as hell, yet jangly guitar work, pounding, almost tribal drums, and distorted bass, with shouted vocals over top of it. A great album.


  1. Totally agreed. I like some (but not nearly all) of the post-Charlie Ondras Unsane, but there was something very special about this early lineup and this 1990-1992 material. By the mid-'90s they were already going toward the heavy rhythmic metallic outfit they are today, and most critics overlook the chaotic early band. I am a huge fan of Ondra-era Unsane, so thanks for posting this excellent album and for recognizing the difference.

  2. My name is Phil Long. I am one of the Long Brothers (nyc,LES, circa Late 80`s- Early 90`s) If you`ve never heard of us, it`s a good thing for you,mostly. Anyway,I can`t thank Chris Spencer and The Unsane Trio enough for accompanying the church "house" band (2nd St. Ave. B)on many of our Friday night socials. It seems like yesterday I was dancing a `two step` or a waltz with my Belle (Later found to be a `Tranny`-A.K.A.`Bill`).Around and around we danced careless of Police and Cultural boundries. Moments to be remembered long after we all are gone. Thanks again to Chris and The Unsane Trio; Smooth Jazz has never been so well used, or abused.

  3. I don`t know who posted that last comment,but if it was phil long, it sounds like his sense of humor.
    I was in N.Y.C. in 1990 and knew both the long bros. and unsane. The times were unique and unbelievable.
    I witnessed an incident where a guy the size of a house was throwing people around and causing mayhem.
    Phil long walked up to the guy and (i`ll never forget this) said "my good sir,I believe your shoe`s untied".
    The guy looked straight at Phil and said "I`m not fallin` for that".
    Phil took a deep breath and honked up a scraper, spit it directly on to the man`s foot and said "Good sir, I believe there`s a Leugy on your shoe.Perhaps you`d like to wipe it off."
    The giant looked at his shoe and then up at Phil , awestruck.
    It was then Phil said,"Or you can just take a swing at my head while I slice your throat."
    The outcome of this incident remains out of the newspapers,and,but for we few who witnessed it - unreal.