Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year End Mega Post

Hello all. December comes and I wanna be a bear, one that sleeps in the woods. It gets cold in this house in the winter months, so I don't get on as much as I would like to, so here is some stuff I've been meaning to post for a while, at least until I get some more stuff to put up here.

Haunted Woods After Dark - "Curses And Invocations" - Some ambient shit I recorded a few years back. Some of this found its way into the first Yog Sothoth demo. Nothing amazing, if you're into black metal/horror soundtrack/ambient noise check it out. Here

Kutthroat Krew - "Amsterdam Or Bust" - Years ago there was this rap group straight outta Church Hill, Tennessee, and this was their only recorded output. these guys smoked a lot of weed, and recorded this. Definitely not for most of my regulars, but it makes me think of crazy fucking times. Once again, this is not metal, it's not punk, it's like nothing else I've ever posted on here. Full Disclosure: one of the songs is called "Balls In Yo Mouth".
You've been warned. Here

Hopefully those should tide you all over until we ring in the new year. I hope everyone has a great one. Stay Scummy.

To all those we lost this year, R.I.P. (I'll especially miss Ronnie James Dio, Frank Frazetta, Leslie Nielsen, Captain Beefheart, Dennis Hopper, Irvin Kershner, Peter Steele and Dick Giordano, all geniuses in their respective arts who will be missed.)

EDIT (1/10/11) - redeived another dcma complaint, and so removed the 3 soundtracks that were here. hope you got them before now. i'm pretty sure it wasn't balls in yo mouth that was infringing on copyrights.

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