Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crossed Out - "Discography 1990 - 1993"

Continuing the pissed off posts, here is some of the most pissed music imaginable, California's legendary power violence quartet Crossed Out. I'm feeling lazy tonight, so here is what Wikipedia has to say....

Crossed Out was a power violence band from Encinitas, California operative from early 1990 until late 1993. Crossed Out played sixteen shows and released a demo, 7", split 7" with Man Is The Bastard. split 5" with Dropdead, and two songs for theSon of Blleeaauurrggh compilation.

In 1991, Spazz bassist and vocalist Chris Dodge, who also ran Slap-A-Ham Records,asked the band to send him a demo. Five months after that recording, in the fall of 1991, their seven song self-titled 7" was released, including a firing squad cover photo. In 1992, the band recorded a live radio show on KSPC, a split 5" with Dropdead, a contribution to Slap-a-ham's SON OF BLLLEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! compilation 7", and a split 7" with Man Is The Bastard. By 1993, Crossed Out, along with Man is the Bastard, No Comment and Capitalist Casualties, played 924 Gilman Street's first power violence-only show, the Fiesta Grande. After the departure of original bassist Rich Hart, Eric Wood - bassist and vocalist of Man is the Bastard - volunteered to play bass; he remained with the group until their break up. The summer that followed, Dropdead toured the U.S with the release of their split 5", playing two shows with Crossed Out. An August 1993 show with Spazz, Los Crudos, and Dropdead, titled "Grindcore Night", on a flyer at Gilman St., led to the vocalist's comment "Fuck grindcore". "Fuck Grindcore" later became a bootleg 10" of their self-titled record. The group broke up in late 1993.

This is their discography, containing all the above records and live recordings. Crossed Out is definitely music to listen to when you just want to fight someone. I have the Fuck Grindcore 10", and it is pretty much just this discography. This is fucking hardcore. Listen and get set to kill.

Why? Because man will always be man.


  1. and derek gave me the bootleg version (pretty much) of this record.

  2. yes, he did, and i am very thankful for it.

  3. dead link, anyway you can put it up again?