Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twin Peaks - O.S.T. by Angelo Badalamenti

"Who Killed Laura Palmer?"

That was the question on everybody's mind in 1990, when David Lynch and Mark Frost teamed up to bring us Twin Peaks, a show which only lasted two seasons but had enough ideas and talent for another three. For those who haven't seen it, it's about this small, sleepy little lumber town in the Pacific Northwest, populated by quirky, eccentric characters, and how this town is turned upside down by the death of a teenage girl named Laura Palmer. Who did indeed kill her? Well, I'm not going to give it away, just watch the show. One of the best shows ever on tv, and worth repeated viewings. It features great performances by Kyle MacLachlan, Ray Wise, Jack Nance (he of Eraserhead fame), and many others. I'll never forget watching this show with my mom when it was originally on, and the episode in season two where they reveal who Laura's killer is, and how it scared the piss out of me.

This score is by Angelo Badalamenti, and features three songs with lyrics by David Lynch and vocals by Julee Cruise. The music perfectly fits the show, but is good to listen to whenever, especially if theres pie and coffee, or a black lodge, in your future.


  1. Cheers! First post here.
    I'm really, really liking your soundtrack kick lately man. I've grabbed everything so far. Nice beginning to a collection. Thanks.

  2. no, thank you for commenting and for enjoying what i post. as for the soundtrack kick, i got into soundtracks when i was younger, before discovering punk and metal and shit, so i've always liked them. i've got more planned.

  3. Hello, this is my favourite TV programme from the 90s, and the music is the best!! Greetings from Germany!! :)